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NG FMC and More is released.

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NG FMC and More

Started by Hardy Heinlin, Mon, 3 Feb 2020 01:16

Hardy Heinlin

Ladies and gentlemen,

"NG FMC and More" -- the package is now available.

After more than five years of uploading hundreds of free PSX updates, this package is now something I can't distribute free of charge, unfortunately. I'm just mentioning this for those who perhaps joined this forum only recently. The long-time members will probably understand anyway. I would love to invite you all to another free round, especially because so many of you have contributed to this community with add-ons, tutorials, observations on the real deck, and so on. Regrettably, the time has now come that I need to recharge my batteries. Being a one-man company, PSX development and support has always been a full-time job for me. Before PSX was released in 2014, there was a six-year development phase with 17 hours of work daily -- without any income. So after the release of PSX I had to finance not only the support work thereafter but also the preceding six-year phase. Well, I have a passion for all these technical challenges and want to continue uploading free updates. Hopefully, there'll be sufficient demand for the "NG FMC and more"; it would enable me to keep working at maximum power.

What's included in the package?

"NG FMC and More" is an upgrade package for Aerowinx Precision Simulator 10 (PSX); it enables the option to simulate the new B744 NG FMC (Next Generation Flight Management Computer). Additionally, it provides the following bonus features:

• The simulation of multicolor LCD CDUs
• The Wind & OAT corridor tools (advanced weather simulation)
• The SIGMET tools (advanced weather simulation)

The main part -- the NG FMC:

Most B744 aircraft in the real world are now equipped with NG FMCs. The upgrade was necessary because modern ATC procedures require a higher navigation performance. The NG FMC also provides more data uplink features for the preflight and inflight phases. Many useful functions regarding flight safety and pilot assistance have been added as well. Among other things, the NG FMC provides:

• More memory (for up to 250 route legs, etc.)
• VNAV off-idle thrust descent for better speed control
• RF legs (constant radius to a fix)
• Additional waypoint data on the ND
• Change-over guidance on the ND for offset route transitions
• Holding pattern entry guidance on the ND
• FMC computed flap profile points on the ND
• Automatic FMC command speed changes at flap profile points
• RVSM step size logic
• FMC computed recommended CRZ ALT
• Cruise speed segments (CSS) option with ECON, LRC, Mach, RTA
• Speed-only constraints are allowed in climb and descent
• Vectors can be manually entered; automatic intersection calculation etc.
• Second top of descent for deceleration phase at cruise altitude
• Top of descent after level-off segments in descent
• Airline policy pages with editable TO 1 / TO 2 thrust derate values etc.
• New pages for the enroute management of alternate airports and diversions
• POS REF pages and NAV OPTION page with more control functions
• New PERF INIT page with data uplink functions
• New TAKEOFF REF pages with more parameters and with data uplink functions
• Data uplinks of alternate airports short-list, long-list, and inhibits
• Route data printout simulation
• Four FIX INFO pages and additional data entry formats
and many other new details are included in the NG FMC ...

The manual describes all details; it can be downloaded before purchasing the product. See link below.

Bonus 1 -- The simulation of multicolor LCD CDUs:

The flight deck may be equipped with LCD CDUs (liquid crystal displays). LCD CDUs show text from the NG FMCs in multicolor. (NG FMCs also work with conventional CRT CDUs; those just show all text in green.)

Bonus 2 -- The Wind & OAT corridor tools:

• A tool on the Instructor can gather wind & OAT data from the internal planet weather model along the coordinates of the active FMC route and then fill a special text field on the Instructor screen with the scanned data. This text can be copied and used in external documents.

• Vice versa, the data in the text field can be edited or entirely pasted from an external flight plan weather document and then be embedded in the planet weather model. This way your flight plan weather will very much agree with the weather in the simulated flight scenario.

• The read and write system can handle five different airline specific formats that most companies use in their standard dispatch operations.

Bonus 3 -- The SIGMET tools:

• Create special weather areas manually using the standard SIGMET format and embed these areas in the planet weather model.

• Or download a worldwide list of current real-world SIGMETs from the Internet and embed these in the planet weather model. This may be done by clicking a button, or the system may do it automatically circa every half an hour.

• Or copy a list of SIGMETs from an external flight plan document, paste it in a special text field on the Instructor screen, and embed these SIGMETs in the planet weather model by a simple mouse click. This way the weather in the simulated flight will agree with your flight plan documents.

The manual explains all features; it can be downloaded free of charge:

Please click on the image below to download the manual. Note: The manual contains bookmarks. In your PDF reader you may want to click "Show bookmarks" or the related icon to display the bookmarks list.

The product (download-only) is now available at:

Hy-Way, Australia

Aerosoft, Germany (payment in US-Dollar)

Aerosoft, Germany (payment in Euro)

Aviation Megastore, The Netherlands

Flightdeck Solutions, Canada

Thank you for your attention!




Dear Hardy,
Thank you for this amazing update (this can not be stressed enough) and enabling us (enthusiasts along with professionals) to experience further evolution of our beloved Queen. I am ready to support your hard work, just waiting for the online store to enable its purchase.

Thank you!

Having just read through the manual, the wind & OAT as well as SIGMET add-ons alone are worth the upgrade. Besides many NG FMC features, I am looking forward to utilize the Flap Speed Management and Holding Pattern Entry Guide the most. :)


This bit of exceptional software gets better constantly.

It is the closest I will ever come to spending unlimited educational and unrestricted hours on a 744 flighdeck, and for that privilege, I remain obliged.

Best- C
Carl Avari-Cooper, KTPA


Amazing piece of work once again Hardy, thank you.

Steve Bell
aka The CC

Steve Hose

Hi Hardy, just purchased a license and getting to grips with it now.

Amazing work as always and thank you for your ongoing support over the years, hopefully many more to come  ;)

Regards, Steve.

Ton van Bochove

Hardy, (again) a real masterpiece! Thank you very much!


Thank you Hardy. Very glad to support you. You should install a "donnation link" because you really deserve support for your enthusiastic work! Looking forward trying it out this evening. Hopefully Aerosoft will have it then, because I always buy my online stuff there if possible...

Robert Staudinger

Thank you Hardy,

that makes an old guy feeling like a youngster.

Regards Robert


Great News Hardy!

Congratulations !!!! ( for us all )

Having a store in Europe would be great due to the taxes we have to pay if buying from outside the EEC...

Simware or Aerosoft would be gould options, I think.


Quote from: jcomm on Mon,  3 Feb 2020 11:02
Having a store in Europe would be great due to the taxes we have to pay if buying from outside the EEC...

Simware or Aerosoft would be gould options, I think.

The Aviation Megastore is based in the Netherlands. And if you are not living in the EU, you don't have to pay VAT. Just make sure your address is correct. Fair disclosure: I use Aviation Megastore for any PSX related updates (up until now, Navdata).


Martin Baker

Downloaded and installed - so easy! As said above, this is worth it just for the weather enhancements. Can't wait to try it out this evening.

Many thanks, Hardy!



Thanks Hardy for all your time and passion developing both PS1 and PSX through the years. The NG FMC looks like a masterpiece!!



AH! Thx Andrej, I thought Megastore was also in Australia...

Just bought it :-)

I'm as happy as I was in 1997, and 2014 when I bought PS1, then PSX.

Thank you SO SO MUCH Hardy for sharing your Passion and Talent with us!

Eager to try out the new Weather features, but too busy with a major network update at IPMA, so probably not until next weekend :-(

I have quit using PFPX, and now use mostly Simbrief. Hope it's compatible with their OFP aloft weather data.

Frans Spruit

A 71 year old kid is very pleased again!
Thank you Hardy.
Kind regards,

Frans Spruit EHAM


Thank you, Hardy! Another happy customer here. Very simple installation process: Had it running within seconds! I haven't gotten the chance to try the new features yet, but from a quick first look everything seems to work smoothly, and the new LCD CDUs are great! I don't know if it's just a psychological thing, but it feels much more pleasant to read white text on black background rather than the green one.

Looking forward to any future products from you as well!



Thank you Hardy!
Just bought and installed in less than a minute....
Now to spend many hours/days/weeks exploring the new addon to a great masterpiece!!
Makes me feel like a young kid again!

Ton van Bochove

Hardy, is it possible to expand the Apron with it's own NG weather forum. It makes read back easier, thanks


Awesome - BIG thank you Hardy  :D

Just ordered and downloaded just to find myself abroad with my new laptop without PSX installed yet  - typical :D

Anyway - something to look forward to when returning later this week.


Best regards

Robert Staudinger

Hello Hardy,

for the next update of NG: PERF INIT 2L

Nichts für ungut, Robert

Hardy Heinlin

Hello Robert,

PERF INIT 2L? Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. Could you start a new thread if you noticed something that needs to be discussed in detail?