Precision Simulator update 10.175 (29 May 2024) is now available.
Navburo update 13 (23 November 2022) is now available.
NG FMC and More is released.

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NG FMC and More

Started by Hardy Heinlin, Mon, 3 Feb 2020 01:16


Outstanding! Thanks Hardy !!


Amazing, Hardy - just amazing. Thank you.
Please take the rest of the month off!

Gary Oliver

Absolutely bloody brilliant!

Read the manual at work today and got VERY excited to get home and try.


Thanks, you are a genius!  Seriously!

Dirk Schepmann

It just gets better and better.

A big thank-you, looking forward to use the new features and learn more about the differences between ,,old" and ,,new" FMC.

Viele Grüße,

Chris Kilroy

Wow! Just flew the RNAV 20 into KGPI, which is full of RF-leg fun, on my desktop PC (moved house a couple months ago and don't have the big sim back together yet) and the airplane flew it absolutely beautifully. Can't wait to try the enhanced weather stuff once I have the real simulator back in service, too. Thanks Hardy! Really next level stuff.


Wow, Hardy, excellent expansion and well done, as ever!
Thank you very much for this great tool!

I hope that many licenses will be bought, you absolutely deserve the gratification!

Best Regards,


Thank you Hardy for all your hard work and updates over the years. I have Just downloaded this and looking forward to trying it out.

Markus Vitzethum

Hi Hardy,

magnificent - thanks for a nice (almost)-birthday present.  :) ... and also thanks for the beautiful manual. I am surprised that there is so much more to learn with NG FMC, much more than I expected.

And also thanks for the - IMHO - moderate pricing for the update which made me not hesitate one moment to upgrade.

Keep up the great work; looking forward to all the future updates.



I would agree with Chris, the KGPI RNAV (RNP) RWY 20 into Glacier Park International is fun. It's also a very neat airport for demonstrating any number of things with PSX and the NG FMC. First, the FMC navigates the RF legs really well. And you can see the flap extension points on the ND as advertised.

But beyond the NG FMC components, it's also good to watch just how nicely the whole approach comes together. The aircraft descends properly all the way to the FAF (and beyond!), hitting the altitudes and reducing speed as long as the crew remembers to extend the flaps on schedule.

Setting up for the RWY 20 approach via the ANGIL transition makes for a really nice demo scenario to save for when you need it.
Will /Chicago /USA

Hardy Heinlin

Thank you all for the kind comments!

Aerosoft Germany & USA too just added the package to their shop.




Hi Will

setting up such a scenario is far beyond my current knowledge and capabilities, but I would nevertheless love to see it and take part.  The beauty of PSX is it makes it all possible!

Would it be possible to provide a situation file of such please?

I understand if this is not possible, but you don't get if you don't ask!


Hardy Heinlin

Let's start a new thread for RF legs:




Just bought my license from aviation megastore, up and running in less than one minute !
Can't wait to start learning this thing deeper.

Hardy, as has been said here by many, your efforts are always appreciated and financial support is perfectly normal.

I sincerely hope you 'll be able to continue to make a living out of something you are passionate about.
Nevertheless, don't forget to take care of yourself.


Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Hardy, did you include the following 747-400 bugs in your NG FMC? Or is the service bulletin already included?

747-400 NG FMC BP4 available since 2/2019 (SB 747-34A3125):
Unable to load UM74 if TO [pos] is lat/lon;
AFN Logon position rounding incorrectly;
CPDLC uplink print issues - missing text;
Missing report prompt for Confirm Assigned Route uplinks;
CPDLC stuck in sending; unable to respond to uplinks.

No joke.

Next Honeywell NG FMC Upgrade coming in December 2020.



Hi Hardy,

bought my license today from Aerosoft Germany and it looks amazing. It seems to me, that i will have plenty hours of fun with that. Thank you very much :)

Best regards


Hi Hardy,

absolutely amazing work - congratulations. Bought my version today.

Greetings ( Beste Gruesse )

Hardy Heinlin

Thank you, guys!

SimWare in Belgium just added it to their shop.



Hoppie, no, in my NG these bugs are not included :-)


Quote from: Hardy Heinlin on Wed,  5 Feb 2020 19:56
Thank you, guys!

SimWare in Belgium just added it to their shop.



Hoppie, no, in my NG these bugs are not included :-)

Yes !!
That's what I was waiting for ;)
Order on the way

Thank you Hardy

Phil Bunch


Thank you very much for your hard work!  It is so exciting to begin learning this new option.


BTW, trying to charge the software to my credit card via Aerosoft USA triggered the automatic fraud alert system at my (very large American) credit card company.  Fortunately, it wasn't much trouble to call the recommended phone number and authorize the online purchase/transaction. 

I have a distant memory that I had a similar problem in the past, possibly because I asked that my credit card security parameters be set to very conservative levels.  This of course means that I get more false alarms than most others.  I am passing this info along just in case others are similarly affected.
Best wishes,

Phil Bunch