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Since its first release in 1997, Precision Simulator has been the most comprehensive B744 sim software available in the price range below $10,000. The current PSX series keeps evolving, with further refinements in the aerodynamics and countless additions to the aircraft systems, while maintaining the software's well-known robustness and easy access.

Run a flight deck mockup by feeding several monitors through multimonitor graphic cards or networked computers. Or just run PSX on a single computer. Panels can be zoomed, panned, divided.

PSX models the combi, freighter, passenger, and ER variants of the B744 series, and many selectable airline options.

PSX includes: Instructor screens • World-wide navigation database • Global weather model • Random traffic • Over 500 malfunction simulations • All EFIS and standby instruments • Complete dual FMC model with FANS–1 • CDU standby navigation • Smooth autothrottle, autopilot, flight director; exact mode logic • Flight control system logic, ratio changers; realistic, fine-tuned aerodynamics model • Accurate GE, PW, RR performance models • IRS, GPS, weather radar, navaid antenna effects • Comprehensive EICAS, EGPWS, TCAS, PWS etc. • Communications, ACARS, CPDLC, Voice-ATC, ATIS, PNF etc. • Electrical CBs, all distribution busses, supplying over 1000 simulated relays and devices with individual voltage–amperage modeling • Detailed fuel system • Dynamic hydraulic and pneumatic pressure models • Ice and rain protection • and thousands of other features.
Multimonitor network

Download a preview of the Operations Manual;
the preview shows about 50% of the aircraft related chapters,
and all of the chapter Simulator Handling.

Demo videos:
Alpha version demo
Final version demo No. 1
Final version demo No. 2

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