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NG FMC and More upgrade for PSX is released.
Aerowinx Navburo is available free of charge for PSX customers.
Precision Simulator 10.164 update is available free of charge for PSX customers.
Aerowinx Operations Manual 2017 is available free of charge for PSX customers.


Getting Started with PSX – Part 1 by Brian Cowell
This tutorial deals with initial questions about layouts and control assignments, and describes the creation of a "Situation" for an extremely brief introductory flight. The zip file includes a 64-page PDF and a PSX situation file.

Getting Started with PSX – Part 2 by Brian Cowell
The second tutorial fills in some additional background which may be needed by those simmers who are new to PSX. It deals with using flight planners to plan a route for PSX (using PFPX with TOPCAT, and other methods); it also includes a summarised checklist for Situation creation; and discusses options available, and actions required, when creating a bespoke 744 Model within PSX. The zip file contains the 54-page pdf, an example of an Operational Flight Plan produced by PFPX, and a printer-friendly pdf version of the summarised 'create a situ' list.

Getting Started with PSX – Part 3 by Brian Cowell
The third and final part discusses in more depth the issues encountered when integrating PSX and FSX (or P3D possibly) into a single coherent flying experience, using Garry Richards's VisualPSX. Some of the principles involved might even apply to using PSX with X-Plane or other scenery generators.

Review of version 10.0.0 by Brian Cowell
An illustrated introduction of PSX at "Mutley's Hangar" from November 2014.

PSX Layouts: An Annotated Example by Will Cronenwett
This document is intended to show one possible way to customize PSX layouts.

Training Videos by Peter "Britjet"
A series of videos on the 747 operation, using PSX. Created by a retired 747 captain and type-rating examiner, the videos mainly deal with procedures and explanations which you may not find elsewhere.


If a mosquito held a camera (747 Cockpit Design From A Different Perspective, December 2000)
In flight, Qantas 006, Frankfurt - Singapore (December 2000)
On the ground at the Qantas Jet Base in Sydney (December 2000)

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