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User comments

"As a long-time enthusiast of flight simulation, I can say that nothing else comes close to the level of fidelity and accuracy that PSX brings to home pilots. The simulator itself has amazing connectivity for 3rd party scenery generators and peripherals, allowing you to easily use PSX as a base for building a home cockpit. The level of service provided by Hardy, the regular updates and the respectful community of PSX enthusiasts delivers a level of support you simply can't find anywhere else. Sure, the learning curve can be steep at times, but this is what makes PSX all the more rewarding. Thank you Hardy, I am and always will remain a loyal and grateful customer." – Stephen Hose
Stephen's setup with PSX on touch screen monitors:
Stephen Hose

Home cockpit by Simfest UK, used for charity events:
Simfest UK

"PSX is a remarkable product. It's a fully immersive experience, whether you're starting the engines or flying an approach to minimums. PSX comes network-ready, right out of the box, so home cockpit builders can use it to power the lights and instruments in whatever rig they want to build. However, it's also good with just simple peripherals, like a joystick and throttles." – Will C.
Will's PSX stand-alone setup:
Will C.

"PSX is by far the best aircraft simulation I have ever used. The ability to configure the study-level 744 aircraft simulation between multiple computers, freely configure the 2D instrument panels on multiple touch screen monitors for aircraft system interaction, and then use FS2020 for external out-the-window visuals for projection, has created the best enthusiast-level simulation money can buy. I have flown my setup multi-crew with friends online using the multitude of freeware add-ons available on the Aerowinx forum for such things as FS2020, Simbrief, ACARS, and VATSIM integration." – James Hennell
James' touch screen setup:
James Hennell

"Hand flying Aerowinx PSX gives me a lot of pleasure and sense of 'being there'. I am also experimenting with certain malfunctions and procedures. There is so much to learn, so much to understand, and this is part of an amazing challenge." – Andrej Lippay
Andrej's mobile PSX setup along with MSFS in the top left quarter of the screen:
Andrej Lippay

"I am 88 and live in a senior living facility. PSX is a good tool for one like me. I still have my good memory and cognitive skills. I use PSX almost every day to exercise these along with the add-ons provided by you and other PSX users. Situations and routes may be as simple or complex as you desire for a given day." – Charles O'Hearn
Charles' setup, ready to be linked with further add-ons:
Charles O'Hearn

Gary S., Canada: Real 744 parts combined with products by Flightdeck Solutions and Simulator Solutions.
Gary S.

"Crisp images of high quality and at the same time very friendly on FPS for low-spec computers." – Ton van Bochove
Ton's PSX linked with MCP and CDU hardware, and a scenery monitor on the top:
Ton van Bochove

"I use one screen for P3D and six for PSX in total. Thank you again for an amazing product, from an admiring launch customer in 1997." – Martin Baker
Martin's deck:
Martin Baker

Enrique's split-screen setup with PSX and external X-Plane scenery (video demo):
Enrique Vaamonde

"This sophisticated and realistic PSX asks for a steep learning curve, but that was exactly what I was seeking for." – Eric Volmer
Eric's setup with both PSX and MSFS2020 scenery on the same monitor:
Eric Volmer

Ralf's setup with PSX on multiple monitors, and MSFS2020 for the windshield view:
Ralf G.

"As a flight simmer since Bruce Artwick's wireframe graphics on an Apple II in 1980 I have been delighted by the way in which the graphics available to a home user have improved. I have been an enthusiast of Precision Simulator for over twenty years: nothing else models the B744 with such scrupulous care and attention to detail, hence PSX has always been the hub of my simming universe. The Aerowinx 744 provides me with everything I need as a procedural simmer, and when I add Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 as a scenery generator, my joy is complete." – Brian Cowell
Brian's bench:
Brian Cowell

"I use PSX almost daily, sometimes I make a full flight from A to B with a flight plan and all the operational details. Sometimes I just practice touch-and-go circuits (the sim is amazing for hand flying), V cuts, approaches in turbulence, the possibilities are endless. Thank you very much, Hardy!" – Panos Bilios
PSX stand-alone on a single monitor, using the sim's simplified internal scenery:
Panos Bilios

Deya's private flight simulator:
Deya M.

"I am very impressed with the quality and level of immersion you get with PSX." – Alex Boyd
Alex's setup with a large external scenery screen in the background and PSX systems in the foreground:
Alex Boyd

"PSX runs in my Linux environment without any problem at all, and as smooth as it could be." – Stephan Chedlivili
Stephan's setup with PSX running on a Linux computer:
Stephan Chedlivili

Britjet's home cockpit. Various hardware parts combined with touch screen monitors:

"The joy for me in using PSX at home is the great detail, an excellent smoothness, the possibility to scan large real-size instruments for very accurate attitude flying, and the endless possibilities with simulated malfunctions. PSX indeed is very accurate to the real thing as indicated by flight data in the AOMs." – Simon IJspeert
Simon's setup with two networked iMacs:
Simon IJspeert

Ivo de Colfmaker's experimental setup with PSX panels superimposed over an MSFS2020 748 cockpit view:
Ivo de Colfmaker

Doug's setup with a second monitor connected to an iMac:

"I love the 744 and therefore I felt in love with PSX. I use touch screens for more immersion. It's the best simulation I ever had and just a top-notch payware aircraft for the scenery generator of your choice." – Oliver Leis
Oliver's setup:
Oliver Leis

"I discovered Flight Sim with FS5.1 (too) many years ago. During these past 25 years, I used most simming platforms and enjoyed countless hardcore add-ons. But PSX is very special, in a league of its own. It combines supersmooth frame rates, extreme stability, awesome support – all that with features normally accessible for airline training only. For me, it has not replaced my beloved other simulators, but it has offered me something different, and something more at the same time. If you want to expand your technical knowledge about airliners and the way they operate, then consider this a fantastic investment." – Charles M.
Charles' setup:
Charles M.

GodAtum's home cockpit with FDS hardware and PSX software:
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