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PSX + X-Plane for scenery

Started by mikeindevon, Tue, 8 Jul 2014 18:57


Hello Alex.
My problem is solved. It's the computer setting, not Xveiw or Psx issue.
I forgot to set the main computer to be recognized by other computers through network. It means the xview is perfectly support the XP11.
Thank you.
Best Regards.


No problems. All my machines have intranet discovery. I also have a very good firewall behind my router, so public not an issue, but unless you use homegroup Windows does not seem to recognise the difference between private and public accesses.... :)

Silly windows ;)

Alex B
Alex Boyd... Sydney, Australia


Hello All

Does it without any problems with the XPlane 11 with XView?

For the example : Such as the WT only 1 traffics shown on ND on the XPlane 10.

Also It is no problems with PE? or Another online ATC services?


Best Regards,



Quote from: tango4 on Sun, 18 Jun 2017 20:03
Hi Mike and Xview users,
I tried XView directly with the default 747 instead of PSXPlane. And guess what...almost butter smooth !!!

Is it a general feeling that the LR default 747 runs better than PSX Plane with regard to stutters?  On my machine it doesn't seem to make that much difference.

I could modify the default plane to go with XView - it is all done in the XP .obj files - but it is not at all easy.  The lights do require a lot of processing, so the result might not be any better with the new plane.



Is XView still available? I tried to logon as above but failed.



Quote from: peb on Sun,  6 Aug 2017 19:54
Is XView still available? I tried to logon as above but failed. is there and working as far as I can see.  It is hosted on a professional level ISP.  Send me an email if you can't get it to work.  My username at



I've been using Xview for a while now, but with the default XPlane 747.  I've just been reading some of the posts on this thread which refer to a downloadable 'PSX Plane'.  Is this a better plane to use and is this still available?  I couldn't find it on the larkshayes site.



On page 23 I placed a link to the complete package on my dropbox, in it you will find the 747 you need.

Quote from: asboyd on Sun, 14 May 2017 22:37
Old zip can be downloaded here:

Sorry I keep cleaning my dropbox and forget to put this back.. will try and leave it up :)

the latest files from the new larkshayes site simply replace the one from the zip...
I could not log on but the download links above the login area work.... :)

Alex Boyd... Sydney, Australia


Sorry that PSX Plane is not on my site.  I will put it up today.

One of the main enhancements in PSX Plane to the original LR stock plane was the implementation of the lights.  My understanding of the approach that LR took to implementing the landing lights is that they superimposed a lighter pre-defined shape on the runway to simulate the effect of the lights.  This took no account of which lights were on, or in the case of the taxi light, which way the gear was pointing.  This made the imlementation fast, but had some side effects, for example that the landing lights were either all on or all off.  In the PSX Plane implementation, the pattern for each light is explicitely calculated.  The wing and logo lights show the effect well.

Other modifications include the springing in the landing gear as the plane's attitude changes and animations of the various control surfaces, doors etc.

The creation of PSX Plane was a large part of the development of XView.  If people report major problems with it in XP11, I will repeat the development with the newer stock version.  If frame rate is a problem, turn the lights animation off in the XView settings or turn off HDR rendering in XP settings and see if this improves matters.



I'm new to PSX and XView, but I have been experimenting with XPlane 11.  Its a great add one - well done.

It would be great to see PSX Plane updated for XP11 if feasible for the benefit of the improved textures and I've noted some issues in fixing camera views with the current PSX plane.  Otherwise appears to work well.


PSX Plane is now up on  There are instructions there on how to download it.

I will produce a version of PSX Plane that uses the X-Plane 11 default 747.  It is not a simple job so it will take a few weeks.  Whether there is any great benefit remains to be seen.



Keith from PE was kind enough to follow my request and the current Pilotedge-Client has the ability to read the groundpseed from a custom dataref. In order to make this work, you need to place a "PE_groundspeed.txt" file in the root folder of the aircraft that you are using with XView.

I don't have time at hte moment to check out the details, but I'm sure it's just a matter of providing the name of the custom dataref. I also guess that the DR should provide the GS in the same format as X-Plane itself.

Mike, does XView already have a DR for the GS available or else could you sneak that in a future update? Thank you!


Hi. I just bought PSX, a fantastic program, thanks.
My question is, where can i find a step by step guide to use X-PlaneĀ“s visual system. I have a Mac.


Hi Matthias,

I have a version of XView that has a groundspeed dr.  It is xview/groundspeed.  I can email the win.xpl if you like.



Hi B747Pilot,

If you go to you will find all you need for XView there.  It provides viuals for PSX using X-Plane.  The documentation will tell you how to set it up and I am sure any questions will be answered here by me or somebody else.  Make sure you select the Mac version to download.

XView was developed for Windows.  I converted it to Mac but it hasn't had the extensive use that the Windows version has had.  To get it to run, you need to install Apple's XCode on your machine.  It's free.



Hi Mike.
I just installed Xcode for mac and win.xpl in to My (X-Plane Directory)/Resources/plugins/XView/64 and started PSX, nothing happends.

Hardy Heinlin

Hi, what did you do to start the main and boost server in PSX?



In Instructor panel I selected this comp as main server and started the Boost.
How will PSX find the visual system?

Hardy Heinlin

You need to start the main server as well.