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PSX.NET.MSFS.WASM Version 10 - The Next Generation MSFS Scenery Link For PSX

Started by Gary Oliver, Fri, 4 Aug 2023 18:57

Gary Oliver


PSX.NET.WASM is the smoothest PSX to MSFS visuals link available at this time.

It is designed out of the box to support anything from a single PC install to multiple MSFS instances across networked machines in a 5 projector setup.

As well as in cockpit views the latest version has functional external model with many functions working and more to come.

If not previously installed Download .NET6 Runtime
1) Client Setup from Here
2) Router Setup from Here
3) MSFS Aircraft from Here

1) Copy MSFS Aircraft to your MSFS Community Folder (ensuring any old versions have been removed)
2) Run Router and Client from Start Menu and Close them on the correct PC's
3) Edit the Configs Files which were created in your My Documents\PSX.NET Folders to point to the correct IPs.
4) Important!!! Ensure PSX Framerate is set to 60/3 to ensure boost data is sent at 20hz otherwise MSFS will most likely hang or crash.
5) You may find locking MSFS framerate at 30hz or 60hz is smoother than unlimited, it all depends on your projectors, monitors and refresh rates.

The files will automatically update when there is an update.

When opening MSFS select the PSX.NET.WASM aircraft from the aircraft menu.  You will find many liveries under the liveries section.

Recommended MSFS Settings
-VSync ON and set MSFS Frame Rate to 30 or 60fps
-Accessibility > Skip Pre-Flight Cinematics = OFF (otherwise ground elevation might not work and you will fall through the floor)
-When starting a flight in MSFS just click somewhere on the World and click 'Set as Departure' to spawn the aircraft anywhere random rather than at an airport on the ground (this stops the issue of ground elevation not updating and causing you to fall through the floor.)
-Assistance Options For aircraft systems and Failure and damage both to EASY

New Features
Aircraft now behaves correctly in the hangar
Flaps are animated
Gear are animated
Spoilers are animated
Reversers are animated
Nose Wheel is animated
Added Upper Beacon
External Camera now works
Taxi Light Added
Nav Lights Added
All Lights brighter from cockpit
Logo Light Added
Cabin Lights Added
8.33 Khz Frequencies now passed to MSFS.
GSX Config File provided in WASM folder and aircraft now compatible with GSX (copy to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\virtuali\Airplanes\PSX.NET.MSFS.WASM)

Model Types included
747-400 CF6 Engines
747-400 RB211 Engines
747-400 PW Engines
747-400F CF6 Engines
747-400F RB211 Engines
747-400F PW Engines

Airlines Included
Singapore (9V-SFP)
Lufthansa (D-ABTK)
JAL (JA8076)
Cargolux (LX-VCV)
Atlas (N499MC)
UPS (B572UP, N573UP,N574UP)
IronMaiden (TFAAK)

Coming Soon
-Pushback tug will drive up to nose wheel when PSX tug is connected and move with aircraft
-Add additional Camera Views.
-MSFS automation (opens menus and sets fly now)
-Animated Elevator, Rudder, Ailerons (Needs model update)
-Animated Doors Opening from PSX position  (Needs model update)
-Integration with PSX.NET.EFB on release

Known Issues
-There is an MSFS bug where the landing lights lamp will still show a sprite when only 2 or 3 landing lights are on and the others off, have reported to Asobo and hopefully this will be fixed.  The lights themselves will not cast a light though.
-Found that lights wouldn't work on an install but hitting CTRL+E fixed the issue forever and couldn't get it to break again... please report back.

Todo List
-Non Auto Updater Downloads
-Animation of Gear not linked to FPS  - Pending Marks Magic Maths - Fixed in V10.0.2
-SimObject Link Instructions
-Invalid Culture Identifier Error
-Make sure gear goes down - Pending Marks Magic Maths - Fixed in V10.0.2
-Weird Spoiler Behaviour - Fixed V10.0.2 Not Published Yet
-MSFS Automation Customization

Eternal thanks to Mark for all of his magic in making everything smooth, designing an extensible architecture with ExternalSim which made all of this possible and for generally being Mark.

A massive thanks to Johnny on the Simfest team for his help with the modelling and fancy graphics stuff

A big thanks to Takayoshi for additional liveries.


Thank you, beautiful work. The model is great.

Perhaps a small bug, but seems that the camera position within the cockpit is moved rather forward in relation to where it should be when comparing to the outside shot.
I have positioned the plane using the GateFinder and then took screenshot of external view, and then from the cockpit looking 90 degrees to left and right.

Also the zoom seems different from previous aircraft :)

Thank you for your great work!

Gary Oliver

Oh well spotted! We fixed it and didn't add it to the package it seems.  Will let you know when I'm at a PC and have it fixed.



Gary Oliver


Camera is good now :)

I noticed two small issues with the model, while on ground and with HYD on (ENG off).

1. When deflecting yoke to the left, both the right and left spoiler come up until full deflection when only left spoiler is up. When deflecting to the right, only right spoilers go up, as it should. No aileron deflection however.

2. Main wheel boogie is partialy submerged into the ground.

I will test more to see if it was user or scenery error.

I must say that the model is looking amazing.

Gary Oliver


1.  The ailerons are not animated (yet)  I'll see whats happening with the spoilers though... I have a feeling it might be a typo.

2.  Have a play in the router config file with 'model offset' which is a height in meters which the aircrafts main wheels are off the ground.  If you get a number that works well let me know and I will change it by default.



Gary, thanks for your valuable contributions!

I am not really interested in any external models, so I'm curious about whether a simpler aircraft would be more resource-friendly for MSFS. Or does the aircraft model not use any resources when one isn't looking at it? (If it's the case that MSFS doesn't devote any resources to the aircraft when one isn't looking at it, then it's a non-issue.) Thanks.
Will /Chicago /USA

Gary Oliver


My original plan with the wasm was to keep it lightweight and only give the smoothest experience without any external model.

After adding all the stuff it's made ZERO difference to the processing time of the WASM. It takes about 0.023ms.

The model itself is very lightweight anyway.

If you wanted to see then delete the model.xml file but you will see it makes no difference.



Will /Chicago /USA



Just completed a 3 hour flight without any issues.  The only thing I saw with the model is the nose wheel doesn't always touch the ground.  My landing ZFW was 635,000 lbs, fuel 35,000 lbs, MAC of 19 and stabilizer 6.5. 
Grace and Peace,




Found another small issue. While flying level, the left spoiler seems to be stuck in extended position.

Enjoying every second though, even in endless holding over WELIN inbound to EGBB :) Great update!


Greetings from the mountains of Northern Thailand (VTCC),
Chris Stanley.

Ton van Bochove

As a first time user (MSFS and PSX.NET.MSFS.WASM Version) I am a bit confused about the install. I have a Win 8 laptop with PSX and a Win 10 desktop with MSFS. I installed the router on the PSX setup and the client on the Desktop. The router shows connection with PSX but I cannot make a connection to MSFS.

Is there a step by step installation guide coming: it would be very helpful for me.



Hi Bode,
Please could I ask you to share you're PSX layout when using Gary's WASM on your 32" monitor. I too have a 32" monitor at 3440 x 1440 but I'm thinking about changing it for a bigger 4k TV. I've tried to create Carl's 65" TV layout on the 32" monitor. It looks fantastic but it's really hard to read!
Many thanks.
Greetings from the mountains of Northern Thailand (VTCC),
Chris Stanley.


Hi Gary,

excellent work ... great graphics! Thanks alot to you and your Team!

I played a bit with 'model offset'. But seems that it depends which scenery is loaded. The main gear always seems to be tilted, even when nose is firmly on ground. In the next scenery the plane is slightly in the air for about 0.75 m.



Just to let you know - not really visible from the cockpit during taxi!

Is there a setting in the config to switch auto-upd on / off?


Gary Oliver

I THINK the tilted bogey is because the gears not going all the way down sometimes in the model and staying in the "I'm in the air" mode.  I'll take a look one evening this week.

Today is calibrating new projectors in the sim day.


Amazing upgrade! Many thanks to Gary, Mark, Johnny and Takayoshi for their work on this!


Quote from: Ton van Bochove on Sat,  5 Aug 2023 23:35As a first time user (MSFS and PSX.NET.MSFS.WASM Version) I am a bit confused about the install. I have a Win 8 laptop with PSX and a Win 10 desktop with MSFS. I installed the router on the PSX setup and the client on the Desktop. The router shows connection with PSX but I cannot make a connection to MSFS.

Is there a step by step installation guide coming: it would be very helpful for me.

Did you do step 3 in the installation guide in the first post in this thread (edit the generated config files in My Documents\PSX.NET)? If you're using more than one PC, you will need to edit some IP addresses in the config files.

Ton van Bochove

Yes I did but probably not the right one :-) I put the router file on mij psx laptop with the default Then the packages are sent to PSX so there is a connection. The TCP part I left alone.
The client file I put on the MSFS computer and on the dashboard the MSFS connection goes green, So there is a connection I presume. To connect both computers I added the IP of the PSX computer at "UserobjectrouterIP", but the corresponding item on the dashboard remains red. Peculiar thing is that when I have the Navigraph charts on my PSX computer open, I see the position of the MSFS AC on my PSX computer, so there is a connection.