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Musical highlights

Started by Hardy Heinlin, Fri, 2 Dec 2011 04:03

Hardy Heinlin

For those looking for more Kate Bush music but can't find more Kate Bush music because the number of albums she has made is limited for biological reasons, here's another example of a similar genre, based on the same singing technique that Kate Bush has been using, a technique from the Far East, a technique that is probably thousands of years old, this is the warmth in the timbre what I miss in many, not in all, but in many western female classic singers:

Gong Linna:

Hardy Heinlin

This is my Eurovision winner this year:

I watched it on TV this morning and thought, "I like it". I just watched it again on YouTube and thought, "wow, I love it".

I'd even go so far and say this is the best Eurovision performance I have ever seen (well, I haven't seen many :-), it's not my kind of genre actually).

This -- is AIRLINER music! :-)

Heavy, flying, cool, blue, a combination of technic & nature, relaxed, yet powerful -- musically as well as visually. Her body is truly aerodynamically shaped. Nice dress. Good moves. Beautiful stage design. Excellent screen director work, it supports the music perfectly, for my taste.

Now they've also re-introduced Hitchcock's good old dolly zoom: Check out 2:26 and 2:32.


Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

iStage design. Shiny black, bright white spot LED-like lights, nearly shiny white dress. Apple.

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Quote from: Hardy HeinlinThis -- is AIRLINER music! :-)

I still like this one better:


Hardy Heinlin

Ah, Apple has introduced "polished black" in the computer world only. But they didn't invent it. Take a black polished piano from the 1900s and someone lying on it in a white dress (a woman or Elvis) ... :-)

So you associate airliner music with highway-to-hell music, Jeroen? :-)

The second winner this year, for my taste (probably not so mass audience compatible):

Towards the end it gets tina-turner-esque.


Quote from: Hardy HeinlinI watched it on TV this morning and thought, "I like it". I just watched it again on YouTube and thought, "wow, I love it".


Hi Hardy,

you have time to watch TV?  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:
So the completion of PSX can't be far away  :)  

Greetings and nice Pfingsten

Hardy Heinlin

Quote from: Hardy HeinlinThis is my Eurovision winner this year:
But I must say, after listening five times, these songs get on my nerves :-)

(As I said, it's not really my kind of music.)

Eurovision songs have to be as simple as possible, otherwise you have no chance. You have to reach the audience within three minutes.

The disadvantage of this simplicity: the songs get boring when listening to them more than once.


Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Isn't this true with most commercial music these days? And not just music -- anything must reach the intended eyeballs/eardrums in less than 15 seconds or else it is skipped/zapped/...

If selling ads around media consumption is the target, the bait isn't going to get much artistic freedom. The performance must perform. That's all.



I think doing enjoyable things which do not have to do with the
product itself is part of the productive process.

I few days ago I thought how it would feel to be in Hardys position
of creating things for years and working towards one goal.
Every day you encounter a new problem and think "uh, *-/%&§$$!!!",
however the next day you wake up and suddenly know the solution
and continue working. I imagine it is boring and intense at the same time.

Uh, got offtopic here. Okay, here is some music. Not exactly a
highlight, but very unique: :)


Just to clarify.
Of course this was meant as as yoke. Hardy can watch TV as much as he likes.
But I agree with you, sometimes you have the best ideas when you do something completly different and suddenly get the flash for the solution.
One word to the Eurovision. I think for Germany "La Brass Banda" would have been the much better represents. Some time ago I heard them playing live, and they are all very good musicians, especially Stefan Dettl and they create a fantastic "Stimmung" comparable with the Oktoberfest. Their music is really unique. Unfortunately they only were 2nd on the German preliminary decision.


Hardy Heinlin

I just discovered this.

Just perfect -- technically and emotionally. Awesome!

Until now I thought this master piece is best interpreted by Hilary and Nigel, for my taste; but this woman is now also on my list:

She adds even more of those flighterotic glissandos that Nigel Kennedy introduced in his interpretations.


Hardy Heinlin

Another fantastic, relaxed version of The Lark ...

Must share this. For every aviator out there.



the amazing and very young joey alexander.....

for the jazz people



He's good! It's kind of refreshing to see a child prodigy play something other than classical standards.
Will /Chicago /USA

Hardy Heinlin

Hardy Heinlin

Stravinsky's Firebird in a hangar at the Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport:


Mohammadreza Farhadi

Martin Baker

Quote from: Hardy Heinlin on Thu, 15 Dec 2022 13:12Stravinsky's Firebird in a hangar at the Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport:

Nice find, Hardy! A British classical conductor who also works as a co-pilot for Air France. I'd thought he was on the 777 but this is presumbaly an A350.


Thank you guys sharing so much good music. I just found this post so late. Haha. I am so surprised that Hardy is also a classical music lover. I knew Hardy's music on his video about a right wing cabin view in 744 when approaching KaiTak Hong Kong. It was a klm if I remember correctly. I can't find this video anymore which I watched at about 20 years ago on YouTube. If Hardy would love to share again, it will be perfect.

Thank you for sharing the Firebird. That's amazing performance both in music and dance, specially in a hanger!

Just to share my recent performance with my orchestra.
I miss my Orchestra, all the musician and audience. Due to the spreading Covid pandemic in China, I don't think any performance will go in couple months.

Best wishes to all people.


Hardy Heinlin

Wow, your orchestra sounds powerful, Jack, and I think you're looking great :-) Would love to see more of your work. I remember a video clip of you conducting an orchestra in the USA.

It's also nice to see so many music lovers here on the forum, and there are some top musicians here as well. Music and aviation is nearly the same, isn't it? :-)

My musical taste is not limited to rock. My palette is pretty large: Classic, baroque, medieval, experimental, pop, soul, folk etc. and that on all continents around the globe, west, east, north, south ... all the elements are connected with each other and develop further from generation to generation because everyone inspires everyone and everybody learns new combinations from everybody ...



You asked for my little Kai Tak clip :-)