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Recommend checking out this X-plane addon aircraft! Challenger 650

Started by Tord Hoppe, Fri, 21 Jan 2022 08:49

Tord Hoppe

I hope it´s not considered bad form to recommend you guys and gals to check out this new addon to X-plane. The level of detail of the simulation is really groundbreaking for X-plane/MSFS in my opinion. It actually made me re-install X-plane.

This is a live stream from one of the devs demonstrating new features and you´ll see some examples of how well they´ve simulated the systems.

Made by Hot Start, CL650.

Hardy Heinlin

If it's not a 747, can we discuss X-Plane on X-Plane forums, please? No matter whether it's the best or the worst X-Plane add-on, I would like to keep this 744 forum on topic. And the Pit is not for aviation or sim topics.

Best wishes,