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B744 Wiki

Started by DougSnow, Mon, 15 Jun 2009 16:52



I think a wiki would be a good idea, as an easy to maintain "knowledge base" of all things 744, and all things PS1.

In fact, I already maintain a wiki, for the Falcon 4.0 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures manual (F4TTP), and a wiki called "Will Dispatch For Food", for Aircraft Dispatchers and Flight Control Officers worldwide.

If you want, I can easily create a B744Wiki in my wikispace. All that is required on a users end is that a user/reader create an account for logging in and reading. I did that to block spammers that were hitting me a while back.


I have created one at

I'll start loading the subjects and material.  I have so many different Flight Planning Manuals for the B744 models, that it might be time to put them to good use.

Subjects will be organized just like the Boeing Ops Manuals, standard procedures, then abnormals, emergencies, supplemental, then systems.  I'll use the ATA 100 Spec for organizing the various systems.

Framework should be done by the weekend.

To avoid spammers, registration is required.

Jeroen D

No offense, but I thought we were discussing a wiki with Richard? There's a thread in which topics, structure etc. is being discussed.

Ofcourse, it's up to anybodies individual choice to start a wiki on any topic you care to mention.

But I would like to see some sort of "official" wiki which is based very much on the experience of our (PSX) forum members. In the "Richard threat" it was at least suggested that it should very much be complimentary to the PSX manual. Which to me would suggest that it is more than just casually linked to Aerowinx/PSX.

Which everway this discussion goes, I do think two wiki initiatives might be one too many. Maybe you should contact Richard?

Again no offense, and I would certainly like to contribute to a PSX wiki, but only to one, not two.



Quote from: Jeroen D..."Richard thread"...
...I think you mean...
(not splitting hairs I hope, it is significant in the context...)