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PSX and FSX via Network Computers

Started by B744-Simmer, Thu, 7 Aug 2014 13:21



I try to install a PSX-Network in Windows 7, but the client computers cannot receive the server's data.
After having followed the steps in the manual the clients can connect to the server and the server can see the clients and I get the message:

Loading FSX runway data file...
FSX runway data file has been loaded: 8225 airports, 20661 runways

Connecting to FSX through SimConnect...
(May take up to 60 seconds to repond if FSX is not found)
Connected to SimConnect version 10.0 running in Microsoft Flight Simulator X
at IP address, Port 2976

Connecting to PSX main server...
Connected to PSX main server, version 10.0.0, as client 3
at IP address, Port 10747

Connecting to PSX boost server...
Connected to PSX boost server
at IP address, Port 10749

FSX Status                Wait...
PSX Main Status       Flight
PSX Boost Status     Online

The FSX Status does not change and I cannot set the clients to "A main client".
Last event: Host Server B747 not found

('Server B747' is the network-name of the Server computer)

On the server computer VisualPSX runs perfectly showing 'Flight' for FSX Status, PSX Main Status and PSX Boost Status.

The Windows Firewall is turned off.

Is there a setting wrong?

Please help, thanks in advance!

Best regards

hoppie added "and FSX" to the subject line; this is explicitly an FSX question

John Golin

I'm a little confused at what is installed where and what you are trying to connect.... you talk about PSX network, clients connecting but not working and FSX at the same time, but these are quite different beasts :)

Can you confirm what programs you are running on each computer?


Machine A is running
 - PSX as Server

Machine B is running
- VisualPSX

If this is the case, and VisualPSX is not connecting to PSX, check that your firewalls and / or AV is not blocking comms on the relevant ports used by the PSX network (TCP ports 10747 and 10749 by default - though best idea is to allow 10747 to 10749 for future compatibility).

Also, try using the IP address of the server rather than the name in the client application and see if that helps.
John Golin.

Garry Richards

I'm confused too!

I think you may be saying that VisualPSX runs and connects correctly on one PC but not when you run it from another PC.

I noticed that VisualPSX was connecting to FSX on port 2976, but then remains on "wait" and I suspect that you deleted the last digit from the port number in SimConnect.cfg on that PC. The default port number is 29764 and it should be the same in both your SimConnect.cfg and SimConnect.xml files.




Thanks for the replies!

The hint with the IP address instead of the server name was very helpful  :)

The cause was probably the Blanc in the server name, now it works perfectly fine.

The setup is as follows:

Computer A:  Server running FSX as scenery generator for PSX, PSX and VisualPSX for the communication

Computer B, C etc.:  Clients running just PSX for instrument display

Later I figured out that VisualPSX is not needed on the clients.

Thanks a lot again!

Best regards

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Server and client names given to PSX are for display purposes only. They are just a handy device to tell you that you work with the client that does, say, the F/O panel.

For networking, you either must use the IP address, or a DNS name. In most cases, your home network will not have DNS names for the machines. You can set this up but it is not often done.