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Left or midle seat with 3 monitors? 2 fotos attached!

Started by Horst, Mon, 28 Jul 2014 20:26


Hi Hardy,

please use the link above.
Is it possible with PSX, to use these instalation with 3 monitors and sitting on the left (pilote) side or is it better to work to have a seat  in the middle of the monitors?

By the way: The EFIS Selector stands upside down ...


Hardy Heinlin

Hi Horst,

you can sit wherever you like. It's all flexible and modular.

Who has made this photo? Never seen this photo before.




I made this foto from my homebuild sim. I integraded a forum picture.
In earlier days I build also a B 747 Cockpit, but only with simple materials, see the link:


Links currently not works!  :(  :(