Some “ground” pictures ...

... taken at the Qantas Jet Base in Sydney

ABOVE: The Paravisual Display (PVD) is in test mode (see the black/white barberpole in the glareshield).

RIGHT: The Drive Disconnect Switches are the only buttons in the cockpit that are not only guarded by a plastic cover (like the battery switch, jettison switches etc.), but also sealed by a thin copper wire. Since this copper wire cannot be “incorporated” in Precision Simulator, the Drive Disconnect Switches in the sim must be pressed five times instead -- to “simulate” this safety feature.

ABOVE: Qantas has the Autobrakes panel under the Captain’s ND.

ABOVE: Obviously an excellent “work climate” in Sydney! :-)

ABOVE: Rolls Royce RB211. Where’s the integrated drive generator... and the bleed air driven starter motor... and the engine driven hydraulic pump? :-) Here’s the answer.

ABOVE: The APU is now providing packs 1 and 2 with bleed air to cool down the flight deck  from almost 40°C.

RIGHT: Here’s an example of a conditional VECTORS waypoint as a part of a SID in the Los Angeles area. The VECTORS waypoint is represented on the ND by two legs with an open end. Precision Simulator version 1.3 models this feature as well.

ABOVE: This picture may answer a frequently asked question :-) See PS1.3 Operations Manual, page 87, bottom right-hand corner.

ABOVE: The yellow cable in the middle of the picture is the external electrical power.

ABOVE: The nose gear.

Many thanks to Ian & the Qantas Jet Base!

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