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Started by Dennis B, Fri, 13 Jan 2012 11:35

Dennis B

Hello all,

as we all long for screenshots, I've taken the liberty to collect some of the most interesting ones. Hardy, if in any way I violate the forum rules or whatever by that post, delete it. I will just post the links here, as some pictures would probably blow some screens (in terms of resolution, of course) - if it's desired that the pictures are displayed directly, I could edit this post easily.

Here we go, pictures from Alpha 22 to Alpha 55 so far, no special order: double thumbnail


Holger Wende

Great collection, thanks.
I found a few new ones I had missed obviously.

So I add a few more from my collection which I think should not be missing in the gallery (list not complete of course, there are many more):

And this one must not be missing, the "drunken" standby compass  :twisted:

Regards, Holger


Good evening to all,

Probably the first time I contribute to this forum.

I do not like that :> This look like some good tease.... Can't wait for the product to be in the market.... Surely the best simulator on the market in the making !

Thanks for the hard work !



really cool! Im PS customer since 1997, cannot wait to purchase the new one... I will check the forum for upcoming news!

Happy Landings!


Glad to see the progress.

Confirmed Future owner...


I was in my twenty's when I got this sim, now I'm 41, still lurking around this forum.



in the middle of this European/World/Simulation/Mankind/Religion/Sex... crisis, LIGHT has been turned back ON!!!!


Dennis B

Thanks Walter. A better solution than posting single links, indeed. Anyways, here are two more:

Walter Kranl

Thanks Dennis,

Gallery has been updated.


Dennis B

I guess Walter is in the better position to provide screenshots via that beautiful Flickr gallery - so maybe Hardy or Jeroen can make a sticky "Screenshot" thread containing the link to Walter's gallery...


Can anyone tell me where PSX can be purchased, or if it is available yet?  Thanks so much...  Dave  8)

Hardy Heinlin

Hi Dave,

PSX is not available yet. I'm working on the last chapter of my to-do list: voice-ATC. When this is done I start writing and designing the manual ...




Okay, Thanks a bunch... Can't wait to fly it...

Richard Portier

Absolutly great news !


Richard Portier


Quote from: Hardy HeinlinHi Dave,

PSX is not available yet. I'm working on the last chapter of my to-do list: voice-ATC. When this is done I start writing and designing the manual ...



I missed the chance of buying PS1 and therefore, I am waiting for PSX
I have been watching some of the pics of the new product and it looks great!!
I would like to know, if a general email will be sent to those users with an account in the aerowinx forum, in order to know, that PSX has been released in the market?
Or should we check time to time the site?

Wish you the best with the final steps


Hardy Heinlin


there'll be no emails. PSX won't be suddenly released overnight. I guess I'll be posting some notes during the final weeks or months when the final steps are being taken (package production, manufacturing, start of distribution ...).

I don't know when this is going to happen as I don't know what problems occur during the beta test.

However, I can say today that I have stopped adding features.



Joe Clark

Oh no! Hardy has given up! Everyone go home, project is over :P