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Video of PSX Alpha 55

Started by Hardy Heinlin, Wed, 4 Jan 2012 13:10


Thats correct. 気 is the Japanese variant of the Chinese 气 in simplified or 氣 in traditional (qi wich is gas)

Peter Lang

Quote from: martin日本,不是中国人 :D
(this is like flying a CAT III landing...)

Ahh, ok. I did not consider that it could be japanese.

找跑道  8)


Ralf Fruehwacht

Oh shame on me.

I wrote: WWWWWeeeeeehhhhhnnnnn????????

But i mean WWWWhhhheeeeennnn????

Sorry for that big mistake.

Have a nice Weekend.

Ralf :D


Just impresive, my first aproach, was in 1997 I recieved my 4 floppy, after wow a cd with versio 1.3, and after that downloaded, 1.3a, I still have those things, but the machine, now I change to Mac, so I'm very happy waiting for PSX, in 1997 I was 50 years old I hope not have to wait to my 70's 2017, time counts at my age jejeje, Congrats Hardy, magnificent, as you notice English is not my language, cheers from MMMX. :D

Hardy Heinlin

Hello Gabriel, thanks :-)

I'm trying my best to get it done before 2017!



QuoteDon't ask a lady when she comes :-)

ha ha ha!

maybe the next next version will be PS XXX


apologies, best i could come up with in the morning....


Hello, just wondering whether PSX could became a platform for other developers... because it will have resources like realistic ATC and weather (Collins met radar), not to mention a realistic flight dynamics... We know hardcore simmers are orphans now, as Microsoft abandoned FSX development.
Anyway, I'm following your work for years now...


Teo Halfen

Hardy Heinlin

Hello Teo,

PSX may, indeed, inspire developers to make add-ons. Variables can be easily read from the PSX network.

Quote... because it will have resources like realistic ATC ...
I'm not sure what you have in mind. Can you be more specific?

Please note that the ATC simulation is not implemented yet and that it has a very low priority on my to-do list. I haven't annunciated an ATC model at all. If I add it at the end, it will be very simplified (not a training tool for real world controllers). I think the Internet with real humans provides the better ATC nowadays.




Quote from: Hardy HeinlinPSX may, indeed, inspire developers to make add-ons. Variables can be easily read from the PSX network.

Do mean developers could program other 744 variables or also other models like the B737 or A320?

Quote from: Hardy HeinlinI'm not sure what you have in mind. Can you be more specific?

PS1 has a built-in ATC that is able to vector you, give clearences, holdings and inform ATIS etc. So I imagined PSX would have a similar ATC, what in my opinion is a realistic ATC. But you are right, real humans provide better ATC nowadays, althought I've never tried it.

I'm not in a hurry about PSX, realism is more important and the 744 manual is very big and complex  :) . By the way, I'm obtaining a private pilot licence and attending an aircraft mechanics course.


Teo Halfen

Hardy Heinlin

You mean you could use parts of the PSX flight deck (radio panels, NDs etc.) in simulations of other aircraft types?

Well, PSX is not designed for such an universal use. That would be a step back to the compromises of a multi aircraft type simulator.

Nevertheless, the question is interesting. Theoretically, there may be options to get some PSX parts integrated in other aircraft types, but you need to know the systems very well. E.g. for the ND, you need to overwrite PSX's internal FMC position with the FMC position of your, say, B737 FMC. But the map and route data, and failures etc., will remain connected to PSX's aircaft systems unless you overwrite them as well. This is highly complex. Way more complex than the ND graphics alone. So, if you want to save development time for a 737 ND by using PSX's ND, you actually save only 1% of the time. 99% of the time is still needed to work out the system logic and electronics (EIU, IRS, FMS, GPS, radios, electrical busses, data busses, ADC, data source selection logic etc. pp.).

Edit: Or simply move the whole PSX aircraft as is, with the position of your other aircraft type. Let the PSX IRS, GPS, FMC position go their way with it. Still, it remains a 744 system. In the end you could just replace the sticker by "737" and pretend it's a 737 :-)




I think its a great idea to stay outside of the ATC realm as the world of phraseology in an entirely new realm of technical mayhem, and that's assuming that you don't allow for, shall we say ICAO variations:

Heard recently on Sydney Approach "Approach good morning, United eight thirty nine, out of Eighteen down to ten got the field"

Followed by a longer than usual pause......


Nothing is as standard as ATC phraseology. Your example is beautifull example of what is called "slang", used by pilots from one specific continent thinking it is acceptable to do worldwide.  I guess that continent needs another Tenerife-alike accident, because they forgot about PAN-AM and the importance of understandable ATC conversations a long time ago...

Anyway, let's not get into french speaking countries where "cap deux-dix" is actually legally accepted. But they at least go international standard when crossing boundaries :-).


astonishing.... my 27" iMac pines for that...  :D

Keith Maton

It's been a while since I've had a look here and this video has absolutely blown me away.  I've not touched a flight simulator for years but I put a lot of time into flying earlier versions of PS1 and will be happy to buy this once it's released.

Hardy - On a 27" iMac, how much scrolling around will be needed for full control?

Hardy Heinlin

Quote from: Keith MatonHardy - On a 27" iMac, how much scrolling around will be needed for full control?
To see the complete flight deck?

Depends on your zoom setting :-)

Note that the various flight deck areas can be accessed not only by panning, you can also make layout presets and assign a key or joystick button to each of them.

A layout can be divided into subframes, up to 4, each subframe with its own zoom and location and panning function. The frame dividers can be seen on some of the screenshots.



Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

In practice, think in flight phase. You have nine very easily accessible layout presets that you use to assist in certain phases and they switch instantly. Within the phase, you use the four subframes and tyically you don't touch them. There is near-zero scrolling required in this way. Would be disastrous anyway.

Three 27" iMacs are nicer though       :twisted:


Keith Maton

Oh yes, three together would be very pretty, would that be running PSX on each one and them all be linked together?

What about a single iMac with a second 24" monitor?  Can panels be shifted around between monitors like that?

Hardy Heinlin

I think we have no 24" in the alpha team yet. Can't comment.

Keith Maton

Richard McDonald Woods

...and I use a iiyama ProLite E2773HDS-1 at 68.6cms/27" !!!

Very willing to be part of alpha/beta testing
Cheers, Richard