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Video of PSX Alpha 55

Started by Hardy Heinlin, Wed, 4 Jan 2012 13:10


I do like Pink Floyd suggestion.
Will /Chicago /USA


Hardy, judging from what I read (which is of course only
a fraction of the whole thing), it seems you could need
some rest. To me it looks like you have been working non-stop
for the last 3 years and there is at least another year ahead.
We all appreciate your work, but no one is interested in
a Sensei with a Karoshi! :-)
Take some time off, a month earlier or later wouldnt matter,
would it?

Dennis B

Quote from: Hardy HeinlinI just uploaded it to Youtube.
Oh no - PSX is entering the Social Networks. Next there'll be a fanpage on Facebook. Just kidding, uploading it to a more widespread community is not a bad idea.

QuoteThe frame rate there is a bit slower and the resolution is reduced from 576 to 480p. HD was not available, this is probably because the original file is not in HD.

You could take a look at Vimeo. In my opinion, it's more user friendly, has a better interface and more options in general. For information on video and audio formats, look here:

Vimeo has also a great help section.

Thanks for that one! The PSX A60 video with Vivaldi, if I may breathe a wish  :mrgreen:


QuoteThat's awesome Hardy,

hopefully we will get to see it soon. Not sure if you should be mucking around with the thrust levers of a jumbo like that at 500"

I was noticing some 'Rock 'n' Roll' too! :p


Hi Hardy,
Lurking here - keep checking progress. Great job. Loved the video. Looking forward to the sim (whenever it is ready).


Hardy Heinlin

Thank you for the good comments, gentlemen.

Frumpy, I sleep well and a lot on a regular basis, this helps.

2flame, no worries, no Aerowinx on facebook, that would be a tad too much :-) (wouldn't it, Matt?).


Dennis B

Hardy, one question regarding the GUI / interaction design:

It seems to me that one has multiple options of turning knobs, moving levers et cetera. The mouse cursor either changes or gets an extra symbol added. Would you mind to post a few screenshots of these various cursors? Would you further mind to explain which options of mouse interaction the PSX jockey will have?

Best regards

Hardy Heinlin

There are ca. 50 different mouse icons, I'd like to keep them secret for a while :-) I can tell you what they indicate, for example, whether the button under the cursor is an alternate action or momentary action switch, for the latter also if it's a hold type or click type switch, then there are tips indicating a switch guard etc. There are icons for rotating knobs, inner ring, outer ring ... etc. ... for CB in, out, collar setting ... for dragging a lever, or a speedbug ... for yoke and tiller ... for panel panning ... etc.



Dennis B

Well, 50 icons is way more than I expected. They seem to be designed very well, so I'm not worried that they couldn't be clear enough. Very cool. I suppose the available options do always depend on the control type, so I withdraw my question and am looking forward to see further videos or screenshots or whatever. The GUI concept of PSX is in my opinion the best I've seen on a flight simulator so far. This is keeping me curious  :D

Hardy Heinlin

Apropos Aerowinx on facebook. Geocaching has an Aerowinx (found on Google page 1, keyword Aerowinx). But that's not me. I wonder who that is.

Dennis B

@Hardy: By incident, I have an account at as I use to do some treasure hunting in the summer time ;) So I looked up his profile, a quite active user as it seems. Shall I contact him for you? By the way, he seems to be from Germany, too, as most of his caches were located near Wolfsburg.

Hardy Heinlin

If you could do this, thanks! It would be nice if he or she could use a different name. Aerowinx is a registered trademark.

Ralf Fruehwacht

Hai Hardy.

I saw this unbelievable video.

You have done a great Job. chapo chapo

My only question:


John Golin

John Golin.


[size=18]根 気[/size]


Hardy Heinlin


Don't ask a lady when she comes :-)

Peter Lang

Quote from: martin[size=18]根 気[/size]


[size=12]"気"  不能找到.  是"氣"嗎?[/size]


Absolutely stunning, Hardy you do amazing work.



My God!!! I did not know this was a porn site also :)

Stunning, looks like a 744 is on the menu also for me :)


Quote from: Peter Lang[size=12]"気"  不能找到.  是"氣"嗎?[/size]
日本,不是中国人 :D
(this is like flying a CAT III landing...)