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Video of PSX Alpha 55

Started by Hardy Heinlin, Wed, 4 Jan 2012 13:10


Hardy this gets better and better! Absolutely beautiful. Just tell me when its ready because I'm ready!

Matt Sheil

Quote from: Shiv MathurMY GOD !

What can one say, Hardy?  Just salaams.

[size=8](I know what you mean, Mariano ... it's almost
unbearable to watch ... an ache in the chest.)[/size]

If it helps any to ease the pain, the video does not do justice to the real PSX.
What I am trying to say is the clarity of the panels vs other sims on the market is like putting reading glasses on. If you know what I mean.  8)
Very hard to show this on a low resolution upload


+1 on the WOW !!!  I can't wait to get my hands on this  :mrgreen:


Hardy, it looks really really excellent.  Congrats on all your work so far, and I wish you not only success but FUN in the future.
Will /Chicago /USA


This isn't meant to be a critique, but the thing in your video that seems to interrupt the feeling of immersion is that the camera (or the image) doesn't bounce up and down in turbulence, or overshoot its target due to inertia, or respond to changing G-forces as the plane accelerates (including in turns).  If that visual effect were there, it would be hard to say that you weren't watching a real aircraft cockpit.  Again, nice job.
Will /Chicago /USA


Holger Wende

Hi Hardy,

You are creating a drug which makes addicted! That is absolutely evil! :evil:
That's like presenting delicious sausages to a dog out of range.

One question though:
At approx 5:04 you seem to pitch up from approx 5 to 12 deg. But on the radar the terrain reflections(?) do not seem to change intensity. Is the radar "stabilised" in relation to the pitch axis or is this pitch change not significant enough?

Anyway, I hope this product will reward you for all your enthusiasm and effort very soon!

Regards, Holger

Frans Spruit

Hmmmmm I don't know yet, if I want to buy this work of art :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Thanks Hardy,

Frans Spruit EHAM

Shiv Mathur

Quote from: Will Cronenwett... overshoot its target due to inertia ...

I know this is not what you meant, but it was fantastic
the way the standby attitiude indicator did precisely this!

(around 5.45)

Phil Bunch

A masterpiece combining physical sciences, aeronautical engineering, computer sciences and the visual arts!


I personally believe that it looks better in terms of sheer visual image quality than directly viewing a real cockpit in use!
Best wishes,

Phil Bunch


Quote from: Phil BunchA masterpiece combining physical sciences, aeronautical engineering, computer sciences and the visual arts!

real renaissance man ...  8)  :D  :D  :D

Hardy Heinlin

Good evening,

again, many thanks for your positive response, gentlemen! I didn't expect that. Seems we're on a good heading, that's a good motivation, too.

Will, I thought the same, I'll try to hold the camera in my hand next time. This time I used a tripod because I had difficulties to move the mouse at the same time :-) I hit the tripod with my elbow a couple of times, though; there you have some vibrations :-)

Holger, the radar antenna does not move with the aircraft pitch, the antenna is stabilized by gyros within a large tolerance angle. The antenna tilt the crew selects is always relative to the ground, not to the nose. By the way, the video doesn't show radar, it's EGPWS terrain. The colors change because the aircraft changes its altitude. The higher it gets, the greener the map.




WOW! Incredible! Really can't believe what I just saw! AWESOME!
No Kangaroos In Austria!

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

While doing videos in the fixed-base sims, we found it particularly effective to carefully hand-move the camera in sync with expected aircraft virtual motion.

In 2003 in the Sydney sim, then still fixed-base, there was a small camera fixed to the flight deck bulkhead. By chance I found out that banging the bulkhead shook the camera in quite the right way to enhance a virtual touchdown. Since then, bulkhead banging became standard practice in Sydney, until the hydraulics arrived.



i hereby volunteer to be camera-holder-assistant-coffeemaker-etc-etc

I see lots of i/o work coming up :D

Dennis B

Hardy, first of all, I can't express how amazed I am. In my opinion, PSX is already revolutionary. It's graphics are not only highly detailed, they are artwork. And it's not only eye-candy what we see, but highly functional and realistic. I haven't seen any comsumer or even prosumer software yet that is both so good-looking and realistic at once, besides that it's a masterpiece of programming (as it seems: a well-designed user interface, low system resources footprint, network integration, ...).

When I first watched the video I got a bit irritated by the tilted camera angle and asked myself why you did not just use a screen recording tool ... but actually, the tilted view gives the cockpit even more depth. So there's the artist again.

I am looking forward to any further developments, keep on the good work and keep the joy you have in doing it.



Dennis B

Post scriptum: I watched some portions of the video frame by frame to check out your wonderful animations. You even animated the rubber lips of the several handles. I expected that somewhere in the back of my mind but when I saw it it struck me nevertheless. Just awesome  :mrgreen:

Hardy Heinlin

Thank you, Dennis. Nice to hear this from a designer (checked your profile).

At first, I didn't want to make a video, but just photographs with a camera. In the past years we always compared photographs of the real flightdeck with screenshots of PSX, i.e. photographs versus screenshots. I thought for a better evaluation the PSX pictures should not be screenshots, but photographs, with the same photographic effects as the real flightdeck pictures show. With over- and underexposure, slight geometric distortion etc. Screenshots use to look sterile.

Hehehe, re lips ... it's a shame I can't show you the lips under the throttles and the flap lever, they look better (tighter), but they are almost hidden by the wide objects on the levers.



P.S.: The Mac screen recorder has only 10 FPS or so. Full screen at high res is a lot of work and memory for a recorder.


Quote from: 2flameWhen I first watched the video I got a bit irritated by the tilted camera angle

Wow, Hardy, I think you deserve even more compliments now.  Throughout the whole video, I was thinking that the real "Canon" camera was looking head-on at the screen of your Mac, while the "virtual" camera of PSX was sitting in the FO seat.  And wow, Hardy, the force of that illusion is really strong.  I've never seen a 2D panel before that actually had me convinced it was a 3D panel.  I had to go hunting for evidence that it was actually a 2D panel!
Will /Chicago /USA

Shiv Mathur

Quote from: Matt SheilIf it helps any to ease the pain, ...

Touché! :oops: