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Started by Hardy Heinlin, Tue, 28 Jul 2009 08:39

Shiv Mathur


About the butler, there's an amusing article (in The Sun !)  ...



Quote from: John Davis PC...its good to finally see what you look like Shiv :)
Strongly seconded --  but do we? is the question.

Me, I suspect the drooping-eyes (a.k.a. aviator) glasses, plus fish-eye effect of self-held (mobile phone?) camera might combine to give his looks more of Weltschmerz* than I'd credit (or rather debit) to him on the basis of his texts  :mrgreen:

Shiv, that is intended to be a compliment (in case you didn't notice :-)!

* "the kind of feeling experienced by someone who understands that physical reality can never satisfy the demands of the mind" (from link above)
(well may be I should credit, after all...)

Shiv Mathur

Thanks, Martin ! [size=8](Yes, understood as a complement :-)[/size]

Pretty good detective work ... it was a mobile phone, and it was self-held.


Shiv Mathur

Quote from: Hardy HeinlinHow about "Riders On The Storm" from The Doors? Would you make a fade-out?

Wow ... you're a dangerous man to mess with, Hardy !!

Yes, I would.  But I think it could also work if, say ""Riders On The Storm"
was sung thrice, with the final chord played on the last 'storm' ... or even
'riders', with the remaining words hanging alone.

But in either case, the storm sounds beg to be carried on till fade-out.

I just read that Jim Morrison whispered the words along with his sung track,
to add to the eerie effect.  Never noticed it before, but when you know it's
there, it's quite clear.


Shiv Mathur

Quote from: Shiv Mathur[size=8](Yes, understood as a complement :-)[/size]

Sorry ... complIment, of course.