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iPhone Cookie Problem

Started by Watson2, Tue, 29 Nov 2011 23:02


For some reason, I cannot log on or post on this forum (primarily) using my iPhone 3Gs and have difficulties on my work computers (sometimes I can navigate the forum on my work (Windows) computers, but frequently get kicked back to the log on page). No problems using my home Windows XP desktop. The message "This feature is disabled because this board  can no test or read cookies with your browser" appears.

My Mac book also has similar problems, but sometimes lets me log on and post after many attempts.

I have cleared the Cookies and Data.
I have cleared history
I have enabled all cookies
I have depowered the phone several times
I have tried updating to iOS5

Anyone else having/had these difficulties?

I'm not sure when it started happening, but I went on an overseas trip recently and it seemed to start after then.




Phil Bunch

I have the same problem using my iPod Touch 4th generation, IOS 5.

AFAIK I have cookies and so forth fully enabled.  

The error message I get is stuff related to "WrongUsernamePassword".  It says this error should not have occurred.

I do have some uncertainty about what password and username my PC browser is automatically using - for unknown reasons two pairs are listed in Firefox.  I tried both username/password combinations and had the same error message on my iPod, and was very careful to type them in accurately (I know - famous last words...).  

Hope this info helps.
Best wishes,

Phil Bunch

John H Watson

Thanks, but unfortunately it didn't help.

Still scratching my head. I was able to log in once today on my iPhone after dozens of attempts, but unable to post.