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Have to share it. Jumpseat flight

Started by Daniele Coliva, Thu, 23 Jul 2009 15:27

Daniele Coliva

Sorry if my post may be slightly off topic, but I think that this is the best place where I could share my recent experience.
Foreword: I was a PS1 user, still have it, and actually bought a spare copy when it was discontinued. One never knows, and I was right, reading HH statement on Aerowinx home page.

Well, back to my story: yesterday, thanks to a friend who's a LH captain, I had the privilege to fly BLQ-FRA-BLQ in the jumpseat, pampered by the whole crew.
My friend was fantastic in explaining everything, taking me along the ground inspection during layover in FRA.
Should I mention that thanks to the time spent with PS1 and in this forum I had a fairly good idea of what was going on? :)
So, thanks to all the wonderful people I met here, and I am pretty sure I'll be around again. The great news about PSX (I'm a Mac user) has got me going again.

As a young first officer told me: "One can get tired of working, but one can never get tired of flying".

I'll be posting a picture gallery and possibly some short movies. Please let me know if you're interested.

My best regards to all, and especially to HH and JH.

Hardy Heinlin

Thank you, Daniele.

Aside from all this fun I'm also glad to see the number of Mac users is rising ...