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OMG! I'm stunned, amazed and incredibly excited!

Started by Keith Maton, Wed, 22 Jul 2009 08:26

Keith Maton

It's been a while since I flew PS1.3, the dedicated PC I had for it packed up a good few years ago and I've not really had any easy way to run it since.  I ended up thinking my 744 simming days were over, I sold my Aerosoft MCP and the EPOS keyboard thing I had with an overlay ended up in the loft somewhere.

Yesterday I came to the Aerowinx site and I was stunned and amazed to see that Hardy is working on a new version.  Not only that, I was incredibly excited to see that it's going to work under Max OS X as I moved over from a PC to a Mac around a year ago and now I don't have any PCs in the house at all!  I've got an early 2008 Mac Pro and a late 2008 Unibody Macbook Pro.

I'm just so pleased to see that PSX is on the way, I've not actually done much flight simming at all since I stopped using PS1.3 so this has made my day.  In fact, it's done more than that, it's made my week, my month and my year!

I have no idea how it's going to be marketed, whether there will be an upgrade from PS1.3 (to be honest, my PS1 and PS1.3 packages are in the loft somewhere and I have no idea if I can find them) or not but I do know that I'll be getting it when it's released.

It's great to see names here that I remember - Jeroen, are the Knight Air airframes still on Flightline?  I have no idea if saved flights and airline configs from PS1 will work in PSX but it'd be really great to have the old aircraft back up in the air.

I'm rambling, can you people tell I'm excited?  :mrgreen:


Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Hi Keith,

FlightLine as a whole has been discontinued due to lack of use; most people flying for VAs went to MSFS. But I still have all the airframes (by tail number). Some of the Knight frames got sold off to other companies, so they may have changed registration. Do you remember which ones?


Keith Maton

I don't I'm afraid - I only just picked them up when I flew and booked them back :(.  All my old records are stashed away in the loft.

It'd be fascinating to re-read some of the old log entries for the FlightLine stuff.



While you wait for PSX, you can get PS1 to run on your Mac (albeit slowly) using Boxer.

It's free and it works - I have tried it. I use it to play around the the FMC and other settings, have not tried it much for flying by configuring joysticks, etc. but it sure is nice to see PS1 running again - and on my Mac no less.

Any questions, post them here.

- Stefan

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

You can fly PS1 without anything but a mouse. It isn't a lot of hand flying of course, but full flights from gate to gate are possible. We once did a whole World Flight this way, including visual approaches to fields without landing aids  :mrgreen:

Keith Maton

Well this has got me thinking - I use Parallels and that supports Windows 95 and 98 so I could always see how well it'll work inside a VM in Parallels.  I always used to run PS1.3 using Windows 98.  The only issue is finding my install media and manual!