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Navburo update 13 (23 November 2022) is now available.
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Started by the mad hatter, Tue, 6 Sep 2011 06:02


just to take this old thread out again...

Hardy if you read this, just send me a private message with your address, i will send you the easter bunny i promised you in 2011. as psx got delivered today to my address, i will send you a chocolate bunny now :)


Hardy Heinlin

Marc, thank you, but I don't eat such things :-)

Thank you anyway! :-)



ok don t worry....actually i was already thinking on where to get a chocolate bunny beginning of August :D

anyhow..i just installed psx, and flew my first pattern around Luxembourg... i am more than impressed by the Quality of the remembers me a lot my flights in the cargolux and lufthansa Simulators...

many thanks