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again: PS 1.3 + Sound + Windows 98

Started by shorthauler, Fri, 10 Jul 2009 19:16


I am trying to run PS 1.3 on a laptop with Win98, no soundblaster card. I tried to install SoundFX 2000 to emulate the soundcard, but (a) the trial version does not install and (b) the link to JSI in order to purchase the software does not work:

It seems this software is not distributed anymore.

Any workarounds to get sound on a non-Soundblaster system when running Win)(?


Holger Wende

Hi Holger,

as far as I remember PS1.3 sound works only with real and fully compatible SoundBlaster cards.

Allthought quite old, maybe this link helps.

Anyway, good luck!

Regards, Holger, yet annother one  :)


I have an ESS MAestro, so that's on the no-no-list. Still, SoundFX 2000 should work around this. Seems nobody is using this, too bad. I am running PS 1.3 on a laptop, no chance to change the soundcard, here.


Shiv Mathur

Greetings shorthauler,

This probably is a foolish question, but did you try to get the latest audio drivers from your laptop manufacturer's site?

That worked for me ... but then, my laptop runs XP.  Maybe your laptop manufacturer will not support Win98 anymore.



Yes, I did get the latest drivers for Win98. I have tried all sorts of things, and SoundFX 2000 seemed to be the last way out. Only that they seem to be out of business. Sigh ...