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2 PC set-up with PSX via WLan possible?

Started by SwissMark, Mon, 6 May 2024 06:39


Good day everyone,

Would this set-up work? I have been given an old (4 years) good PC from a company for free:

PC1 runs scenery (P3D or MSFS, CP Flight Modules COM EFIS MCP, CockpitMaster CDU, Boeing Yoke and Bravo Throttle)
PC1 1 ultra-wide screen for scenery

PC2 runs PSX, Navigraph, TopCat
PC2 has 4 standard company screens; 1 wide and 3 normal ones for the various glasscockpit instruments
(most relevant for me is PDF, ND, Up/Low EICAS, Transponder, 3rd CDU, Overhead)

PC1 and PC2 are on the same network.

My basic question is: can this be done system wise to run PSX on a second (external) PC?

Much appreciate your feedback  -  thank you very much.

Have a wonderful day.

My regards,


Keep the blue skies up!
B744F N475MC

Dirk Schepmann

Hi Mark,

It should be no problem to run PSX on a 4-year old computer. I'm hesitant if the computers are only connected via WIFI/WLAN, though. If you use PC1 as external scenery generator, PSX needs to have the Boost server enabled which causes a lot of network data traffic.

It *could* work if PC1 and PC2 are the only clients in the WLAN and it's a 5 GHz WLAN. I experienced stutters when I tried this. I am now running PSX and the scenery generator on one machine. When I go into the garden, I use a second instance of PSX on my notebook for flight monitoring purposes. In this case, WLAN is not an issue - the only issue I have is that my wife is always delighted when she notices that I'm glancing at the notebook instead of removing the weeds :-P.



Moin Dirk,

Thank you very much.

I will navigate this technical issue with my WLAN. Swisscom has a 5HGZ line here at my building, so that should be okay. Whilst the other PC 2 is "old" it is technically sound and strong enough to handle PSX.
PC1 (RTX3080) is stronger, but the GPU CPU already now maxed out with all scenery settings on MAX / ULTRA.

Weeds? That is why I ave kids. With their small hands, they can reach in all small corners.

Happy landings and thanks again for your answer.

My regards from the Land of the Eidgenossen,

Keep the blue skies up!
B744F N475MC