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Started by flyingpig, Fri, 16 Feb 2024 12:31



Mayday mayday mayday,
I have tried everything, but my trottle (of my thrustmaster: old one with yellow button) is not recognized by aerowinx.
I have calibrate Pitch & roll as per tuto, and have access to others buttons, but nothing for the trottle.
Any idea? thanks

Hardy Heinlin

Hello, what is indicated in your Aerowinx/Developers/USB-Detect.txt text file?


Hello Hardy,

Hope you are doing well,

USB detection test:

USB Joystick | Stick | 0 | USB port | 0; 0; 
USB Joystick | Stick | 0 | USB port | 1; 1; 
USB Joystick | Stick | 0 | USB port | 2; 2; 
USB Joystick | Stick | 0 | USB port | 3; 3; 
USB Joystick | Stick | 0 | USB port | pov; pov; 
USB Joystick | Stick | 0 | USB port | x; x;  (analog)
USB Joystick | Stick | 0 | USB port | y; y;  (analog)

Thanks for your help :)

Hardy Heinlin

This confirms that the throttle axis is not detected.

Does the throttle work in other applications?


yes works fine with fs

Hardy Heinlin


no only my usb joystick.
I found my joystick not very accurate, with movement not precise... and often going too far left or right on an ILS raw data, same with pitch.
hopefully, it is not me, I am more precise in real when flying on B747, is that the joystick or a setup i can change somewhere in Instructor page?

I will maybe look for a new joystick: do you have any feedback on T160000M FCS?
Thanks Hardy :)
Have a great WE

Hardy Heinlin

I have a Thrustmaster "HOTAS Warthog". It works very well. For the thrust control I use the keyboard or joystick buttons.

If you have calibrated your axes correctly, your hardware deflections should exactly agree with the sim's deflections on the EICAS flight control display. Hardware maximum position should exactly agree with the software maximum position. Same with the center positions. It shouldn't stop before or after the other. Also there should be no random fluctuations due to electric noise or mechanical instability.