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KJFK - ILS 22R ; 24 knots Crosswind landing...

Started by vnangli, Thu, 15 Feb 2024 19:56


I tried this runway on a practice flight. Due to Crosswind, I couldnt hand fly. But at the time of touchdown, the plane was clearly off of runway...How have you dealt with such a crosswind situation landing on this runway? I mean to ask, at what height do you disengage the autopilot/autothrottle and hand fly?

FYI. This runway has a Final Approach course offset of 2.53 degrees

Or you do go RNAV for this runway landing....
747 is not an airplane, it is a symbol of inspiration....

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Any runway with an offset final approach is by definition not suitable for autoland. You can get ILS cat I to bring you in sight of the threshold, but then it's click-click, click-click and all manual including rollout. The latest moment to do this (or go around) is at the Decision Height published for this runway (I think -- my ILS procedures are a bit rusty to say the least).

Also, autoland usually isn't able to cope with crosswind very well. Usually in crosswind at the certification limits you need to hand fly the plane. If you cannot because of your own personal limits, don't land and go elsewhere instead.



747 is not an airplane, it is a symbol of inspiration....


In the real world, you'd probably like to give yourself some time to get used to the conditions. Very rarely will you have low ceilings coupled with high winds, so I'd tend to takeover manually at around 2000' AGL the latest. What you don't want to do is wait for 1200' or later, because the autopilot will have started slipping by then. Taking over in this condition is even more of a challenge.
Also, one would usually use manual throttle quite early in gusty winds in order to get some calm into it.