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Windows 10 Re-installation

Started by AtlasMark, Sat, 3 Feb 2024 23:01


Hi Hardy,

Please help! I recently had Windows 10 re-installed on my PC. All files were saved, but when I tried to download the 10.172 update, it wouldn't overwrite the previous version. There's no aerowinxstart.jar file, so I can open the new download, but it won't start it. I get a yellow box telling me to use the start.jar, but ....
Another thing, I had to redownload and install Navigraph. All's there, but Navigraph can't "see" Aerowinx.

'Sigh' .... please help.



Hardy Heinlin

Hi Mark,

can you please tell me all those files in your Aerowinx folder which start with the letter "A"? (Not the subfolders; just the files. There must be at least 5 files.)

The standard Aerowinx folder contains 5 files. They all start with the letter "A". One of them is AerowinxStart.jar.

Did you delete or rename any files?

I'd like to clarify that question first before sending any random replacement files to you.



Re Navigraph: I guess you need to set your new Aerowinx path somewhere in the Navigraph configuration.


Hi Hardy,

Sorry for the delay, I've been back at work for the past few weeks - got home last night.

Okay, It's kind of messed up, under OS(C:) Aerowinx, I have

1. Aerowinx Operations Manual   41,703 KB
2. Aerowinx NetStart            1KB
3. Aerowinx NetStart            1KB 
4. AerowinxStart.jar            7,396 KB

And under Documents, Aerowinx, I have a few more

1. Aerowinx Operations Manual   41,703 KB
2. Aerowinx(1)                  7,397 KB
3. Aerowinx                     7,396 KB
4. Aerowinx NetStart            1KB
5. Aerowinx NetStart            1KB 

In the documents folder, there is no Situations folder. The NG folder is in the OS(C:)

That's all I have. If you want me to send a screen snap shot if it would help, I can do that.

Thank you Hardy.

Hardy Heinlin

Hardy Heinlin

There's a folder on the DVD called "z". It contains all files and folders of the Aerowinx main folder. You can copy them directly from the DVD to your computer. Do you know how to do this? If not, I'll tell you every step.


Yeah, I'll need to be guided, please, Hardy. Thanks.


I've started the CD, located Z, and seen the list. If I copy Z to my computer, where do you want me to copy it to? I already have it located in two places, as mentioned. Also, under the OS(C:) Aerowinx folder, the Situations file contains all the situations I need for Atlas recurrent training.

Hardy Heinlin

To avoid confusion:

On your new computer:

In "OS(C:)" rename your existing "Aerowinx" folder to "AerowinxOFF".
In "Documents" rename your existing "Aerowinx" folder to "AerowinxOFF".

From DVD copy "z" to your new computer, e.g. to the Desktop.
On your new computer, rename "z" to "Aerowinx".
From DVD copy "Aerowinx Operations Manual.pdf" to your new "Aerowinx" folder (on new computer).

In your new "Aerowinx" folder, there's a file called Aerowinx.jar -- please check the file suffix JAR. I assume in your personal Windows setting you don't see any file suffix, you just see "Aerowinx" without the JAR suffix. So when I say Aerowinx.jar I don't mean the folder "Aerowinx" but the file "Aerowinx.jar". OK? Now please rename Aerowinx.jar to AerowinxOLD.jar.

In your new "Aerowinx" folder you should now see:
Aerowinx Operations Manual _____ PDF
AerowinxOLD _____ JAR
AerowinxNetStart ______ INI
AerowinxNetStart ______ JAR
AerowinxStart ______ JAR

If your Windows setting shows the complete file names, it should look like this:
Aerowinx Operations Manual.pdf

Now download the update version 10.172 which is also called Aerowinx.jar.
Copy that to your new "Aerowinx" folder. Now you have 6 files in the "Aerowinx" folder.

Double click AerowinxStart.jar.
PSX is now running.
Quit PSX.

Do you have the NG FMC license? If so, copy the file NextGenFmc.license to Aerowinx/Extra.

Double click AerowinxStart.jar.
PSX is now running with NG FMC license.
Go to Instructor > About and check the green box whether the NG FMC license is detected.

Best wishes,


P.S.: If you want to use your old "Situations" folder where your Atlas situ files are located, then do this:
Quit PSX.
In your new "Aerowinx" folder rename the folder "Situations" to "SituationsOFF".
Copy your old "Situations" folder to your new "Aerowinx" folder.
Restart PSX.


Hi Hardy,

If I do all that, will I not end up with 3 folders of Aerowinx on my computer, of which, two would be dormant? This is not a new computer, it only had Windows 10 reinstalled. As I mentioned, I have Aerowinx on the OS(C:), another copy in my Documents folder, and when I reinstall Aerowinx off the CD, as per your instructions, another on the Desktop. Is that normal?

I have Atlas Situations and Layout files, in an email, from an Atlas colleague from a few years ago. Would it not work if I saved those two files to an external hard drive, completely uninstall Aerowinx from my computer - reinstall it again off the CD, then adding the Sits and Layout from my colleague? That way I would only have one Aerowinx copy on my computer?

Thanks, Hardy.

P.S. I still have my NextGenFmc and Navigraph license

Hardy Heinlin

When your new Aerowinx folder works, you can delete the old two "AerowinxOFF" folders.

I just wanted to keep them as a backup in case the new one fails.

When your special "Situations" and "Layouts" subfolders are copied to the new Aerowinx folder, you can also delete the subfolder "SituationsOFF". It was just a backup.

You can also delete AerowinxOLD.jar.




Okay, that cleared a lot up. Thanks, Hardy.

Kind regards.

Hardy Heinlin

Also please note:

Whenever you download a new Aerowinx.jar in the future, please first delete your existing Aerowinx.jar in the Aerowinx folder.

If you keep your existing Aerowinx.jar in the Aerowinx folder and then copy the new Aerowinx.jar to the Aerowinx folder, Windows will automatically rename the new Aerowinx.jar to Aerowinx(1).jar so that the existing Aerowinx.jar won't be overwritten. This automatic renaming is not desired as the AerowinxStart will not load a file called Aerowinx(1).jar. In this case you won't see the new features of the update.

So you need to delete the existing Aerowinx.jar first -- or, if you have an Aerowinx(1).jar already, delete the existing Aerowinx.jar and then rename Aerowinx(1).jar to Aerowinx.jar.


Thanks, Hardy.

I'll remember that in future.

Go well, mate.