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747 measurments

Started by Blake H, Thu, 9 Jun 2011 07:56

Blake H

I prefer this to be in private if you want to continue. You know my email. This post is for 747 panel dimensions, not what Blake will and will not share...

This is my art work and is not for share, the drawings are not generic like others, your example FDS and you tube. I just watched some, they are a good source for sim builders. I would be happy to share details related. But you can not find FDS CAD drawing. Because they are his proprietary information or other commerical builders.

I would not ask anyone who has used Vcarve to build a simulator to share. I would be a bit cheeky and rude in my option. I have mates that use Vcarve (CAD). If I was offered a drawing, they said this is my drawing it is not for share. Which of course I agreed. Some of my drawing have their art work in it. So I would be going against there word, if I gave my the drawings up.  

At the same time I understand where you coming from 747 information is hard to obtain. I fully respect sharing of information. That is why I am here. Which I appreciate any help and happy to give knowledge.  :D

Like I said I would be happy to share generic details, how to make panels and 747-400 related information.

Sorry I can't help other then what I am happy to give.

Ask me for anything else and I will do my best to give you the answer.

Blake. :)

John Davis PC

QuoteI am all for sharing how I built my 747-400

Past tense ?   Is it built now Blake ?    Do you have any photos / Videos to show us on Progress or completion ?   I seem to remember a few months ago you promised some pics in a few days, did I miss them ?

Surely a bloke with such technical knowhow of "CAD" and "Magic" can post a few pics somewhere ?  :D

There's only one guy I know who has built a hombuilt sim nearly to Level D and im sure he would not claim it is one.

Cheers  PC

Blake H

Reference to how I built my 747 when it is complete.  ;)

Avonics are still getting built, I am a good way through, going to hit high gear next week. I have been on work leave, needed a little R and R.

Hopefully fully complete without motion early next year. I have a commerical interest so I didnt want to put to much out yet. Been humming and harring to do it or not. I wanted to release info when it was right. I will set up a web site in good time.

Does anyone know where to find seats. I have been patient with the buy just want to make sure their going to do the right job.

I still have been waiting for the cockpit to arrive. That has been one of the hold ups. I wanted the sim to look really good before I create a site.

Apologies for the delay. Promise you will be impressed just need to be patient.   8)

Blake H

Because you guys have help me with so much and been so patient. I will show one preview of a backlighted panel photo and a a photo of the Vcarve file. Can I have someones email who I will send the photos and you can post it on the forum.

I feel that is generic and happy to do.  8)

Haha there is no magic in panels.   :mrgreen:

It will  be the EICAS panel :mrgreen:

Shiv Mathur

Gentlemen, you see before you a changed man.  I have seen the light.

So now I have decided to share with you all the photographs from my
last holiday.

If someone can send me their email address .... ?



ha ha shiv, the bangkok one...?

ok so i've uploaded a set of MIP panels connector lists, for those of you who will be wiring your sims for PSX - the order is arranged for interface to FDS SYS and Phidgets (one common for eight pins, etc) but you can adapt to your systems - files are zipped exel - pl check for viruses, don't go blaming me for a meltdown...

Also, at no extra cost, is a set of pics with lighting layout - what dimmer to what panel set....

and - TQ i/o charts

coming soon to a forum near you is:

Dimmer circuits
Shivs holiday pics in Pattaya

enjoy the weekend!


Pierre Theillere

Hi, big boys!

Thanks a lot, Farrokh, Shiv, and John for the big laugh... we need more guys like you, who are DOING things for real, without spending (spoiling?) time claiming myths!
I have heard of a big boy in Sydney, who's done a nice moving "toy", never claiming a single time "Promise you will be impressed just need to be patient". He even never claimed it was completed...
Something's odd, but I can't help finding some similarities between Mr Bloke Blake, from Perth, and a guy I had to deal with (for 3 months) at my real job. That one was claiming being an instructor, researcher, telling me he had built a "Full Flight Sim"(sic!) at his University... I finally sorted out all was pure garbage and dreams.
Another good illustration of stealthness from another "well known" guy here is from an artist who's been spending time writing Java code throughout the day for 3 years... but that's another story!
Pierre, LFPG

Blake H

So the issue is you think my sim is a myth. Why would I even be on the forum anyway.

As well dude you haven't even meet me to compare me to someone else you know.

Time will tell if my sim is for real. Anyway this forum is for 744 related issues.

Farrokh if I give you a few pics of my sim EICAS panel can you put them up for me? I don't have a site yet...

Blake      8)


sure, send em over.....

Blake H

My 744 in the works.

Please be patient for future pics.


John Davis PC

Thanks Blake .... did you make all the panels yourself ?     I'm guessing you have bought a nose section for your sim by what you say ?   ..... cool

Do you still have your Boeing 767 Sim ?   be perfect to spend that R and R in

the mad hatter

Thank you for those links Mr F, must be up to how many bottle of single malt now?

Peter Sagar

Sorry, I'm a bit late coming in here, but is this the sort of thing being requested?


Excalibur Beechcraft driver.

\"Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war.\"

Blake H

That is the type of drawing we need

Cheers   8)

Lewis Allen

I too have been hunting for 747-400 cockpit dimensions in order to hopefully design a home cockpit.

I use Google Sketchup to design small projects at home.

While hunting for dimensions I found that someone has provided a 3D Sketchup model of a 747-400.  Have you guys seen this yet?

The 3D model is great if it's accurate it may be possible to use as a template for the design of the cockpit section.

Peter Sagar

I have a series of cockpit diagrams in .gif format with measurements in either inches or mm. PM me if you would like a set. I am pretty sure these are on


Excalibur Beechcraft driver.

\"Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war.\"

the mad hatter

thats cool but what about the curvature thats my problem any suggestions and thanks

Peter Sagar

To be honest, I wouldn't worry about the curve. Just approximate it with short flat lines. That seems to be the way FDS builds its cockpits for customers these days. Curves are just way too difficult.

Worry about how it looks on the inside and forget about the outside.  ;)

Excalibur Beechcraft driver.

\"Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war.\"

Garry Richards

Quote from: the mad hatterthats cool but what about the curvature thats my problem any suggestions and thanks
You can find the file that Peter referred to, named, at

It includes elevation and plan drawings of the shell.  :D



anyone know the distance the yokes should be apart from eath other?