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747 measurments

Started by Blake H, Thu, 9 Jun 2011 07:56

John H Watson

The 744 and the 744ER panels are interchangeable. We have LCD and mechanical on our older aircraft. I may even have seen a mechanical type on our -ERs

John H Watson

Blake, 744 P10 panel re-measured today and results as follows:

MCP faceplate exactly 17".
Tray for MCP and EICAS Display Select Panel (DSP) 20" give or take 1 mm (approx thickness of sheet metal)
Total tray width (holding 4 panels) = 30" (same tolerance as above)


Blake H

Maybe the tape measure in the 767 photo needs to be checked  :mrgreen:

Farrokh post those photos their good.   ;)


Good Morning

I expect most people have seen this site. Perhaps not detailed enough (exact measurements whether in inches or mm! required I know Blake and others) but I think it is  interesting none the less.

And there is a section on pedestal dimensions.

Not room in my garden for a real 747-400 to reside so I find sites like this interesting when I want to see the big picture.

PS - Still flying Precision Simulator and still learning.

the mad hatter

Blake ,

where did all those thousands of hours go with your researching? I would have thought and this is just a thought that most are using either 100-300 shells and converting those to a 400 Office right? Should this be the case then don't you want the over all differences between them to get a fit? From what I understand the real difference in "Dims" is in the overhead not the MIP same overall dims as the older MIP but with different cutouts right? plus you can pick up a 100-300 MIP for next to nothing its scrap nowdays

Just a thought not having a dig :-)

John H Watson

Despite the shell being the same, there may be some fundamental differences between the 747 and the 744 panels.

For example, I don't think the angle of the "MIP" on the Classic was the same: Certain artificial horizon part numbers must be fitted only in panels with angle "x".

I recall the MIP was about 22 degrees from the vertical on the 744. I think the 747 was more vertical (13?).

I would get confirmation of these angles, however  ;)

Blake H

The classic and -400 is a whole different cockpit.

I can only note that the side window piller plastic covers are the same. The shell is the same. The side plastic moulding are the same. The flight controls are the same. The rudder pedals and tillers are the same everything else doesn't even look close.

I am working on the theory if you have good plastics panels and a shell to start with, hopefully the rest will work out. The plastic moulding are going to be a challenge. I hopefully have all the intergraded panels and interface set-up by the end of the year. They live in a room in my house. I have a frame for the overhead, cb's and aft panel. Also a mip and pedestal for the panels to fit in. My plan is to have the whole cockpit layed out working with PSX. Basically the heart of the 744 minus the cockpit. On Friday I bought 3 CDU's and interface. At a cost of $4000.

I think if you make the panels right you are looking for around $10000. Plus over 1 year of work. If you are loaded you can fast track. I got a quote from Peter Cos FDS. It was around $40000. I was thinking when I got this quote last year there was not way I was going to be able to afford this.

When I have completed the panels(mock cockpit). I will post photos of the panels. They are seperated at the moment, they are getting painted, engraved, intergraded back lighting installed and wired.

When the photos become available I won't be giving details of what is behind the panels. That is where most of the time is. I had to work this out for myself, it would only be fair. Though I will point people in the right direction if they ask.  8)

Oh, I decided I will be using hydraulic jacks. Good value for money and experience. They are not too expensive. The sim will be a full motion equivalent level-d fllight simulator.  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:

Blake H

Hi guys,

747-400 measurements

I am after the measurements for the width of the maintenance panels the 4 rows at the top of the overhead. I think might be 146.05mm or wider. Inner frame measurements.

Also the width of the overhead panel, I guess what looks like the frame of the overhead panel that runs up past the CB panel and maintenance panel (Aft panels). That is the inner measurements of it. I would like to see how much slack my panels need. 731mm is the width of my overhead and height is 611mm

Blake Hauswirth.   8)

the mad hatter

Hi Blake

the real overhead is 63 and 1/4 inches long and 31 and 1/2 inches wide to the outer edges the frame itself is 1 inch wide without all the dangly bits to hold it in situ like the grap rails and dont forget it has location hangers and alike  the lower and upper parts to the frame have a sorta slightly curved surface I have no idea what they are called as I am not an engineer

Even better if you give me instructions on how to post pictures on the forum and include a labeled picture with each item marked A,B,C,D etc of the frame I will get you measurements from the overhead in inches hows that?

John H Watson

Here are some of the measurements

the mad hatter

thats quite cool John saves me measuring the one I have thus Mr Blake is set.

Blake H

Hi Guys,

So guys, if the width of the maintenance panels are 6 inches. Reference the  second post above. How close is this measurement John? What is the physical width of the panel itself.

Second note, I have found a reference to the width of the overhead panel inner dimensions to the rubber stripes as 29 1/8. Can anyone share light on this? I think is it close, but not quite. Maybe within 1/2 an inch?


John H Watson

QuoteI have found a reference to the width of the overhead panel inner dimensions to the rubber stripes as 29 1/8

I also have 29 1/8" for the removeable overhead control panels (only) which make up P5. However, there are small (about 1/8") strips of metal between the removeable P5 panels and the rubber strips.

You can see this in this picture:

On the CB and maintenance panels (P7, etc), however, the panels go all the way to the edge of the rubber strip (because the rubber is actually mounted on the panel). There is only 1/4" difference between my Maintenance/CB  Panel measurement and your P5 panel measurement. This can be explained by the photo.


John H Watson

QuoteWhat is the physical width of the panel itself.

Just to clarify, the dimensions of the CB panel are 13" (panel to inside edge of rubber) + 3/16" (hinge) + 3" (centre strip) + 3/16" (hinge) + 13" (panel to inside edge of rubber) = 29 3/8"

Blake H

John thank you very much.  :)

the p7 maintenance panel is 6 inches, no gap at all must be a tight fit? What is the exact measurement 5 and ./. inches?

With the 2 gaps on p5 does that make it 29 3/8,  inside edge of rubber to inside edge of rubber?


Blake, no offence intended, but before i jump i with my numbers, can you please explain what you meant by this..

QuoteWhen the photos become available I won't be giving details of what is behind the panels. That is where most of the time is. I had to work this out for myself, it would only be fair. Though I will point people in the right direction if they ask.

Information and knowledge on this (any) forum is free, open, shared....  in many cases, folks go out of their way to respond to our q's, even that which we've worked out for ourselves - stuff flows both ways i think...



the mad hatter

I for one have to support that statement and I am NOT adverse to sharing in fact I have been on the receiving end more times than most; again I think this is a very fair comment by Forrokh

You also have to consider Blake that this forum includes both 747 pilots and engineers, and coupled to the fact that you have software guru's as well.. "bloody hell what more could one ask for?"

Blake H

I will point people in the right direction. I am all for sharing how I built my 747-400. Sharing dimensions, plastic types, paint color, directions where I found information to create the panels, ie the intergrated hardware I am using Phidgets and Opencockpit.

My CAD panel drawing files are not for share. I have spent days creating these drawing. If you put a price on the drawings it would be in the thousands for the time it has taken out of my work. ie Should PSX be shared, ask Hardy. I dont think anyone who has designed panels is obligated too share CAD files. Maybe I can put a price on the design.  :lol:  

For those who don't know what this looks like it is 3D. It is not a 2D drawing it is multi-levelled and hardware and lighting is intergrated making it 3D. I would be happy to share 2D information. You can find these drawing in www or send me your email address and I will send pictures your way.  :D  

Did you design and build your own panels Farrokh? Will you share you CAD (Vcarve) files? If you asked PC from Flight Deck Solution to share his design of the panels, he will most likely say no.

I am helping others right now with this post. ie John's knowledge helping me is been recorded, anyone who needs dimensions of the 747 cockpit will be looking in the right spot. Thanks for the knowledge guys. :D  :D


well, we'll agree to disagree then.....

close ups of the ovhd frame here:

i've not marked any measurements on this, in case any of you want to add them on - will upload a second set with my numbers shortly....


the mad hatter

wow Blake I was going to sit on my fingers for this one and not comment at all but I guess I can not help myself...

Wow you do value your work quite highly, with the information you have been freely given what do you think that is worth, because most of us have taken over 20 years to get to where we are at numerous examinations and re-qualifications, professional fees etc etc  And you are concerned with whats behind a light-plate hell man its not rocket science you mention a few people like FDS... Well they share information in fact they have u-tube and face-book movies showing how they have done things and explained in detail how it was achieved with said beastly.   PSX if I understand it right will allow third party applications... I bet if Forrokh had the vcarve files you are asking for he would give them to you I am not aware of any builder that would not freely share how, what , why and when to what they have achieved even MS does this and his sim sings  and dances I do believe he is working on it to make a cup of tea as well!!

You would not be anywhere near where you are with your build if it was not for the likes of the people on this forum... (I am a little confused you say you are making a ,level D simulator yet you say that that FDS at 40k was expensive in real world terms that competitive very competitive). Which makes me ask are you building

A) A simulator or
B) Emulating a level D simulator

they are two very different things... Me thinks you are being so protective of the "magic" because you may have the intent of commercial applications if this is so then you need to declare this other vendors do, I sincerely doubt that such a declaration would stop the flow of information you seek.

From what I gather no one is asking to see the magic but I bet most including myself are quite keen to see the panels that you have produced at the price point you stated considering the price difference of over 3k.

In closing I am not having a dig at you but I agree with F on this one the flow of information here has been given freely and its a swings and roundabout thing you give with one hand and take with other it balances its self out right?