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Started by mattking247, Sun, 3 Sep 2023 23:40


Hi all,

New to this forum, and looking to purchase PSX. I had a couple of questions on hardware if any users can help me. I currently have the FDS 777 MCP and also the FDS E-FMC. I just wondered if they would be compatible with PSX? Also, buttons I would usually program through FSUIPC that come through a joystick card, I assume they would be programmable?
Thank you for all the help, and sorry for the newb questions.



I don't have the FDS 777 MCP, but I have the FDS E-CDU, and it works just fine. On the hardware end, the FDS CDU is just an input device with a small monitor attached, and once it's interface is running, PSX treats it as any other input device, while your computer will use its screen as a monitor. (This is all familiar to you if you've set it up already with another sim.)

I wrote a step-by-step guide to setting up the CDU with a cable, because the online instructions were geared towards using it wirelessly. Maybe some of this will help, even if you prefer to go wireless:,6527.0.html

Will /Chicago /USA