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MSFS integration question

Started by Will, Thu, 31 Aug 2023 14:38


Several people are taking the approach of having MSFS in full-screen, with PSX "always on top" in the lower portion of the monitor. My approach has been different; I resize both the MSFS and PSX windows, so that their respective windows don't overlap.

I'm curious what the advantage to having MSFS in full screen is. I can see hypothetical disadvantages: with PSX covering up the bottom of the screen, the pilot's view angle would have to be tilted significantly down, otherwise you'd see too much sky and not enough runway. And and you'd have to use some kind of separate application to keep PSX "always on top," otherwise you'd lose your instruments any time you adjusted the view. Lastly, wouldn't it eat up more computer resources to paint an entire monitor than to paint just a snippet--translating to lower MSFS frame rates?

Advantages to MSFS in full screen: You can get rid of the white window title bar, and you may have to deal less with parallax issues, because your angular field of view is significantly narrowed. (Conversely, it may be an advantage to have the MSFS window be long and thin, as opposed to full-screen, because despite the parallax, you do seem to see more out of the corner of your eye.)

Am I right on these points? Any input as to the advantages of MSFS in full-screen would be appreciated.


Will /Chicago /USA


Hi Will, I use MSFS not in full screen but windowed full mode. To keep PSX on top I found a little program called Turbo Top  ( which let you decide which window should be always on top.

A little help I hope.


I opted for the fullscreen or windowed fullscreen MFS because I belive it doesn't distort the view as much as when I resized the MFS window for the outside view.

In the past I used "always on top", but in win 10 and 11 you have updated/modern versions of "Microsoft PowerToys" which gives you among many other functions the allways on top feature. I actually disabled all other useless for me features and kept only the "on-top" one.

PowerTows allows you to redimension, or even fully suppress the window border, and in PSX, under the display options, you can do the same.

TBH after a couple days, inspired by an answer by Jeroen I ended up simply using the two windows and keep the cursor active over the bottom PSX window to bring it on-top, and it works just great.


Very interesting, thanks.

cagarini, what tool in Windows PowerTools lets you remove the window border?

Will /Chicago /USA


Quote from: Will on Fri,  1 Sep 2023 19:06Very interesting, thanks.

cagarini, what tool in Windows PowerTools lets you remove the window border?

and in the description table you can see: Border thickness, which can be scaled down to "0"...