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"Cheap" motion sim?

Started by Aleks, Mon, 7 Aug 2023 11:51


Take into consideration that I have absolutely no clue about motion sims, thus questions might be ridiculous.

Has anyone considered H3 product from and are there any plugins to make it work with PSX?
If H6 is also feasible, it could be interesting as well.

I am after a cheap solution for motion sim - basically a chair movement with TV and tabletop bolted on the platform. I have no ambitions for advanced solutions.

I have seen a plugin called BFF Motion driver, but have no clue if that would work at all, and neither how.

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Just a personal remark.

I have had the pleasure of playing two nights in a fully operational 747-400ER level D sim with no limits. See left ...

After the first hour, we stopped the motion, parked the platform, and extended the bridge to get at coffee and other amenities. We did not re-activate the motion and went on for another 15 hours or so without it. The audio and visual immersion turned out to be sufficient and the motion, while interesting, did not add much except air sickness when in turbulence.

A 744 ain't no aerobatics craft.