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P3dv6 and Active Sky

Started by Bluestar, Tue, 11 Jul 2023 02:31


I just got P3dv6 and Active Sky installed without any issues.  They are working without any issues with my PSX.NET p3d.  I'm also not having any issues with Vatsim and FSUIPC. 

P3dv6 seems very smooth.  Since Active Sky is basically in Beta so it's to soon for me to tell what the finished product will look like. 

My next project will be to get ADE working with v6.  Hopefully that will go OK. 
Grace and Peace,



This is my P3dv6 using the latest Active Sky, Vatsim and PSX.NET.   This is one of my sceneries I created for KSUU.

The zoom is set on 2.00.  I've found that the 2.00 zoom matches pretty close to 1.00 in PSX. The screen shown below is the only one I use showing exterior scenery. 

I have MSFS2020 with a similar setup.  The visual scenery in MSFS202 is better than P3dv6, but seems cluttered to me.  P3dv6 just seems to flow better than MSFS2020 on my machine.  It would be really nice if Gary would upgrade PSX.NET to his excellent PSX.NET.MSFS.WASM standards.  I've been flying the X-Plane 12 demo and think it's scenery would be a good compromise between MSFS2020 and P3dv6.  Maybe someone will come up with a good interface for X-Plane 12.

Grace and Peace,



Thank you for posting your results !

I'm very glad with v6 too, and HervĂ© Sors (  will soon get AIE available (for free by demand through email) for v6 too, which will allow for timely nav database as well as magvar updates.