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Suddenly allergic to Logitech mouse plastic

Started by Hardy Heinlin, Tue, 27 Jun 2023 12:29

Hardy Heinlin

Hi all,

is anybody using a Logitech mouse built circa 2022?

I've been using these mice for 20 years without problems. I've got a new one, and when I use it for an hour I see red stains on the skin of my palm. It takes a couple of days until they disappear.

Maybe they changed the chemical mix of the plastic.




I've never had this problem.

Plastics leach compounds out over time; maybe your current mouse was made with a bad batch of plastic and it's releasing high amounts of some kind of irritant.

Simple solution: get another mouse (cheap!) and see if the issue persists, or splurge for a mouse made of metal or ceramic.
Will /Chicago /USA

Hardy Heinlin

I already bought three of them because they were under 10 Euro :-) It's an M100.

I buy them on a regular basis, like socks, because the click switch stops working after a couple of years. But this M100 model is just the most ergonomic mouse for my hand, and it's cheap anyway. On the other hand, I must admit, I shouldn't buy so much plastic garbage.

I will retry to get used to my Apple mouse -- without getting a muscle cramp ...


If the other M100s haven't caused you problems, then my guess is that your current one comes from a batch where something in the plastic recipe didn't stick.

I had a metal mouse once, and I wouldn't do it again. It was a gift, and was supposedly a "five star" device, but it wasn't comfortable to use. It was sturdy though, and very easy to clean.
Will /Chicago /USA

Hessel Oosten

It's not necessary that the ingredients changed.
Allergy can build up in years due to exposure the same allergen.

In the link below we can see a glimpse of your.. hands...  ;),hand%20may%20also%20be%20seen.


Hessel Oosten


May be it's a possibility to contact:
Marjolein Wintzen and/or  Esther J. Van Zuuren,
authors of the article in the link below (with email address)
They are dermatologists and are interested in this kind of dermatitis.

A really good advice seems especially important for someone in your business!


Hardy Heinlin

Thank you, Hessel.

It's OK now with my Apple mouse ...