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Any plans to use Apple Silicon?

Started by arwasairl, Sun, 14 May 2023 04:16


Hey Hardy,

I was wondering if you have any plans to update PSX to use Apple Silicon (or support the ARM version of Java) as I noticed that PSX is using Rosetta 2 to translate Intel machine language into Apple Silicon. Usually Rosetta 2 seems to be mostly adequate, but on more demanding programs (especially games, DAWs, etc) it tends to hamper performance quite a bit and is better to run on bare metal. The framerates within PSX are a consistent 60 when not panning or translating the view, but especially when looking at the overhead or moving the view around it stutters and drops the framerates to as low as 37. PSX does not work on Azul's or Oracle's ARM JDKs (the splash screen doesn't even load) but it does work on regular x86 distributions of Java. It isn't a huge deal if PSX continues to use x86, but it may be more future-proof to have an Apple Silicon version especially since newer Macs are no longer going to use the Intel processor.

Aaron Kim

Hardy Heinlin

Hey Aaron,

I have no such plans at the moment.




Thinking about getting Hardy an Apple Silicon Mac Studio for his birthday so that he'll get interested in making PSX compatible with ARM Java...
Mohammadreza Farhadi
Ex-pilot, current aerospace student

Hardy Heinlin

It's on my plan. But I can't say when.


As an owner of my first Macbook, I now put my signature in this wishlist  ;D
Alexis Mefano