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Main Menu PSX 747 Integration -- Interested?

Started by Iadbound, Wed, 5 Apr 2023 13:27


In reviewing the forums here, there are a number of users that are looking for simpler ways to integrate their hardware with PSX, including newer devices such as Honeycomb products, Stream Decks, and the X-Touch Mini -- products that could really take advantage of the networking approach to integration (rather than the somewhat random USB recognition approach).  However, there is really no go-to interface for such integration which leaves non-programmers without a clear way forward.   

Last year, the developer of asked about interest in PSX integration (I didn't have PSX at the time).  Unfortunately, there was no, or little, expression of interest.  However, the door is always open.   

So, if this is something you are interested in, please post as described below:

EDIT!!: The Dev asks if you can please post your interest in the #feature-ideas-improvements channel in the Spad Discord (or the #General channel if you don't see the #feature channel) -- link is here:


P.S., if anybody wants me to expound on SPAD capabilities, or how I use it, let me know.


Great.  And if you wouldn't mind, I heard from the developer and he would appreciate it if people would him know their interest directly in the Spad Discord.  I've put more information in the first post now!


I'm using several GoFlight modules and for me it would be helpful to make them alive within PSX, unfortunately I have no programming skills (better - no idea where to start) so I've been dependent upon joy-to-key inputs to PSX which is not a joy.


Spad supports Goflight products. If you have questions about that support, I would ask in Discord.  Regardless, I hope you'll post in favor of PSX there too!


sorry could not find a feature-ideas-improvements channel in the discord, GF in general is working fine within MSFS except I can't use it in conjunction with PSX.


Quote from: fsam on Wed,  5 Apr 2023 15:22sorry could not find a feature-ideas-improvements channel in the discord, GF in general is working fine within MSFS except I can't use it in conjunction with PSX.

feature-ideas-improvements is under the Public Release heading, and it's the fourth item down below, release-faq, general, and technical-help.

And if you don't see it, please just post in General.


Without worrying now about doing high-level PSX commands, can it simply interface with PSX to do what JoyToKey does (meaning, can it just translate controller buttons to key presses)?

I'm not eager to move on from JoyToKey, but as per my last post*, JoyToKey doesn't seem to play well with the 3DConnexion controller.


[Edit: Looks like it can replace JoyToKey, in case I can't fix the compatibility issue.]
Will /Chicago /USA


Spad is not really meant to key map — although hypothetically it can.

Spad's developer has indicated again that he may add support for PSX. Timeline is unknown.


Just dropped a message in the Discord to express interest. Would be great if I could use the Saitek panels in PSX.


QuadFan- I saw your message in the Spad Discord. Thanks. c0onnex indicates that it is still on his agenda.


Would be great if we can enjoy the Spad functions in PSX. I use it for all my other simulators - not that they will see a lot of action now I have PSX  8)