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iPhone app?

Started by Will, Sun, 5 Jul 2009 05:29


So, how about an iPhone app?
Will /Chicago /USA

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

We had one, but it made friends with the onboard avionics on a business trip to the States last time I used it, and now Apple has withdrawn it from the store    :'(


Will /Chicago /USA

Pierre Theillere

Hi guys!

It had been some time I thought about it... but I didn't dare start the geek-topic! But... maybe having a "remote PSx control" (a bit alike the 'X-Plane remote" on App Store) could be great!
The iPodTouches and iPhones have the great "multitouch" interface, easily enabling fingered panning and zooming... maybe having a "PSx layout" connected as a client (via Wifi) to PSx router (or a PSx server) to control the OverHead Panel, MCDUs... or anything, could be great! Or even using it for Matt's wet compass...
Pierre, LFPG