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Looking for Buying copy of PS13

Started by dvincent, Fri, 3 Jul 2009 22:01


Hi all,

Hardy, Thanks a million ! for all your efforts & good work !
Thanks all you guys

Please is there any chance to buy a copy of PS13 ?

Long life to PSX !



I do have an original for sale  if you are interested.


i have one too. I am in GA, USA. Email me.


The real Pb is i do have already an original copy bought for me some years ago by my brother and sended to me from a reseller in Canada. But what was my frustrating when i found then all that marvellous box and all the content was just an upgrade version, not the full one.
Please Hardy can you help me ?
Thanx a lot !

Hardy Heinlin

dvincent, you can email me on Monday.



Thank you Hardy, i will do

Best Regards