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Off-Center FMC page titles?

Started by Will, Sun, 1 Jan 2023 20:23


When the FMC is empty (upon completing a flight, or when starting a new one) some of the page titles are shifted to the right instead of being centered. Look below:

Page title ("CLB") is off to the right.

Page title ("POS REPORT") is off to the right.

If you need a situ, you can see it on BASIC 001 - On ground and IRS aligned.

I haven't noticed this before. Is it how the display is supposed to look?


Will /Chicago /USA

Hardy Heinlin

The CLB word position is not wrong; it agrees at least with a level-C sim at Atlas Air which I just rechecked. It's different to the CRZ word which remains centered.

"POS REPORT" and "PROGRESS" keep the left title space free for the flight number which may have a variable length. I don't think these titles will ever center themselves for the flight number length.




Okay, sounds good. Thanks for letting me know.
Will /Chicago /USA

Hardy Heinlin

This video at 00:30 proves the "PROGRESS" title is correct in PSX:,7009.0.html


Will /Chicago /USA