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(Solved)Has anyone been able to connect Aerosoft MCP or Engravity CDU with PSX ?

Started by Egyptair687, Thu, 20 Oct 2022 16:14


Hello guys,

I need help with connection of my Engravity CDU.

I know, that I have to use adaptpsx.

AdaptPSX connects to PSX but not to the CDU (no serial connection).
Has anybody been able to connect his Aerosoft MCP or Engravity CDU ?

Which java version and which windows version do you use ?

Driver is installed and CDU is working with prosim, so no hardware issue so far.

thank you and kind regards


John, the programmer of adaptpsx, helped me out : )

It was simply a not ticked option (enable serial output).
I cannot believe, I didn't see that while trying to get it working for 7 hours yesterday.

Kind regards

John Golin

John Golin.