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Started by United744, Thu, 14 Apr 2022 17:57


Quotethey advertise huge reducing of CO2
Bwahahahaha... oh wait. You're serious.

I wish people would wake up to reality that CO2 isn't causing any "MMGW". I've yet to see any serious science in this area that demonstrates it to be a problem.

Instead, Governments the world over keep saying "trust us" and wheeling out a kid who knows nothing about anything.

All the computer models treat the Earth as a closed system (the implication of that is not even the Sun is considered in the calculations).

Another elephant in the room are the other 8 planets in the Solar System and their warming trends.

They can't even be honest about the origin of oil, and they'd rather you ignore the hydrocarbon lakes of Titan. Ain't no dinosaurs there!

As for fuel reserves...they are already cut back as far as is "safe"? There are many flights that were already emergencies and fuel critical that would now be smoking holes had they carried any less fuel than they already did.

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Hardy Heinlin

Even if I were to agree with your hypothesis (I don't), I want to suggest that we all discuss politics not here but on other media platforms. Since the first Aerowinx forum that started in 1997, our forums have always been a place where people from different cultures can peacefully share their common passions (in this case the 747). For political provocation and divisiveness there are millions of forums elsewhere. Let's keep this little oasis here out of the storm. Thank you.

Best wishes,