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macOS Quick Look (video or PDF) randomly resets to starting point

Started by Hardy Heinlin, Sun, 13 Mar 2022 08:42

Hardy Heinlin

Edit 12 Aug 2022: Replaced the word "Preview" with "Quick Look".

Hi Mac users,

am I the only one having this problem?

As usual, when I select an image file in Finder and press the spacebar, Quick Look will display the image. Good.

I can make the Quick Look screen larger and smaller with the mouse. Good.

The spacebar also works with PDF files and video files. Good.

Quick Look allows me to browse through the PDF pages or play the video. Good.

Random problem after one to five minutes:

• Quick Look resets the scaled image display to the original image size (the size used at Quick Look start).

• Quick Look resets the PDF display to page 1 (the page used at Quick Look start).

• Quick Look restarts the video at 00:00 (the point used at Quick Look start).

I'm unable to find any hints in the net.

This happens on Big Sur version 11.6.

The problem will not occur on my old Mac even when I use the same keyboard and mouse. So I assume there are no random events in the input hardware.



Here's a similar problem in an older Big Sur version (not exactly identical to my problem):

Martin Baker

Hi Hardy. I tried this on an iMac OS 10.14.6 and MacBook OS 12.2.1 and couldn't reproduce the issue. I use the spacebar/preview a lot but hadn't realised it could be resized. Thank you for the tip! All best, M



I don't see this happening on my (21,5" 2017) iMAC; macOS is 11.6.4.


Hardy Heinlin

I still can't get rid of it. It's annoying. Perhaps it's a side effect of a new security feature that does its routine every few minutes. I fear when I upgrade it will get even worse :-)



hi hardy -

i believe pressing the space bar only activates "quick look" and not the Preview app - double clicking on an image, pdf or video file, will open the associated app  (can be set in the info - Cmd+ i ) of course :)

i checked the actiivity monitor and preview app is not running when i press the space bar on a image or pdf - and the QuickLookUIService (Finder) shoots up in cpu %  -

sometimes, i have to clear the quick look cache in case the files don't show up when pressing the space bar, but i dont think that is related to your problem...

perhaps apple has changed the way quick look works, im still on Mojave 10.14.6

I hope i understood your post correctly,



Hardy Heinlin

Hi Farrokh,

thanks for your tip. Well, what I mean then is the "Quick Look" function.

"Quick Look" (video or PDF) randomly resets to starting point after some minutes.

I will change the thread subject from "Preview" to "Quick Look" ...