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BACARS + FiFli, conflicts when it comes to "loading" of fuel and pax/cargo?

Started by Tord Hoppe, Fri, 14 Jan 2022 13:55

Tord Hoppe

Sorry for being lazy, but I´ve been getting back into PSX and have got it sorted with PSX + MSFS2020 using WidePSX and PSXDispatch + BACARS. I do not use the ground handling tab with ZFW/fuel in WidePSX.

Now I´d like to get FiFli into the loop and read the documents. That mentions fields for fuel and pax/cargo, so I´d just like to check with you that have a similar setup how best to ensure that the loading of "stuff" that can be done from various sw doesn´t cause any conflict. Best practise if you will. :)