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PSX InterfaceIT with OEM circuit breaker?

Started by Daehee, Sat, 18 Dec 2021 14:33



Is there any way to use PSX InterfaceIT for OEM circuit breaker panel?
I have few InterfaceIT sys card. So, I hope to use these card for my OEM circuit breaker panel. But, I can't find any assignment button in PSX InterfaceIT regarding circuit breaker. Is it impossible to use for CB?


Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

It would be near impossible to use keys or keyboard combinations for all those breakers. There simply are too many.

The way PSX is designed is that you can use a piece of software and a network connection (called a socket) to tap into nearly all PSX's internal functions. Literally you can push, turn, or flip every manual ("human") knob on the flight deck by issueing a simple command directly to PSX over the network connection.

Writing such software is not difficult but as always you need some basic skills and knowledge of how to set up these things.

For the PSX side, I've provided some framework code in Python that does this. For the InterfaceIT side I don't know. Anybody?

who now remembers that this Python code still isn't as refined as he wants it to be and should go back to it


Hi, Hoppie. Thank you for your detailed explanation for me.

Actually, I can make OEM CB to alive using the simstack board with simple code what I sketched.
I have plan to use simstack board for my OEM overhead panel. It's very nice card to make OEM to alive with PSX.
But, I have few FDS-sysboard which bought from FDS and this board supports input and output 5V. This sysboard is also very nice.  I used them for my 737NG with Prosim.
OEM CB switch is very simple switch it is just pull and push switch.
I found PSXInterfaceIT program what is coded by Gary in forum, It can interface between sysboard and PSX.
PSXInterfaceIT has so many assignment for PSX such as hyd, elec, fuel..etc. But, I can't find any assignment for CB.
I'd like to use my FDS-sysboard for OEM CB if it is possible. if Gary's PSXInterfaceIT supports CB, it would be best for me. :)



Hi Daehee,

CBs are interfaced via network commands. Documentation is in the Developer folder (Variables.txt & NetworkDocumentation.txt) including sections for CBs.
As far as I know the main purpose of the interfaceIT software was presumably to connect proprietary FDS software to PSX. Fine if that works out for some OEM equipment as well but probably that was not the primary scope.
If you are planning to use Simstack anyways why not also use them for the CBs? They support all variables in the documentation and you would be good to go.


Yes, you can use PSXinterfaceIT for the circuit breakers even though Gary did not include them

What you need to do is assign another on/off variable that is in his assignment list to the circuit breaker (one that isn't assigned elsewhere as you can only use the assignment once or the program errors out).  Once you have a row of CBs assigned this way, exit PSXinterfaceIT, open the inputs.txt file and manually edit the entries that you just entered dummy variables for and change them the to the circuit breaker variable name.  I have done this successfully for several assignments that were not in Gary's program.




Quote from: jb747 on Tue, 18 Jan 2022 22:04Yes, you can use PSXinterfaceIT for the circuit breakers even though Gary did not include them

Hello Jon
It is so nice to find this topic. I'm actually using the FDS board to interface some of the Pedestal panels, like the Wxr. I used the way you introduce above to interface the CB. It dose work! But it seems work for Qh only. I want to interface my Weather Radar panel with FDS board. It is Qs104 and Qs105 in PSX variables. Do you know how to do and what should I write in the INPUT file?
Thank you.



There is another program that supports the weather radar, as well as some of the display dimmers. It's available for download here:



Thank you. Right. I heard about this Java addon before. It seems only support the FDS FC board. I have FDS sys-1X board which has 128 inputs and 256 outputs. I tried. Aerowinx can't identify it directly with usb way. I think I need to interface my radar panel with sioc or simstack.
Thank you very much Jon.