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Started by flyer605, Thu, 25 Nov 2021 13:25


I've created an iPhone version of PSX ATC Text which has the same functionality as the PC/Mac version as well as a couple of extra features which I may expand on further.

Please click the following link to download the app from the App Store:

I've created a website, but the link for testing will be here on the forum. Some screenshots are available for you to get an idea of what the app does.

The only reason I made the website is because I think I need a Privacy Policy for the app in order to (eventually) release it on the App Store. For the avoidance of doubt, the app does not save/request/send any personal data. The only data that gets saved is stored locally within the app and is just the settings that you choose on the "Settings" tab ("Text Colour" for example). You will get asked to allow the app to discover devices on the network (or words to that effect), which is obviously required to connect to PSX.

There is a help page on the bottom of the settings tab which should explain the functionality.

Please feel free to send feedback here on the forum (or to the email address on the website). Where necessary, please provide as much relevant info as possible when sending in feedback, for example, screenshots or perhaps even a PSX situation file so that I might be able to recreate the error and fix it.

One quick troubleshooting tip - if you are connected to PSX, but are not receiving ATC messages, please check the following:

1. Check that the Situation > Human > Voice-ATC page has at least one of the "Talks to us / others" options selected (seems simple but has happened several times to me!)
2. Check that you are tuned to the correct frequency (VHF L)
3. Or if you want to receive messages, even if you aren't tuned to the correct frequency, ensure the "Check Frequency Tuned" options is selected OFF

Some Notes:
- I have noticed that the map display might not display or update the route correctly when selecting a different colour for the map route or after connecting to PSX. If this happens then just try disconnecting and reconnecting. I think the reason for this is because I'm having to use Apple's old(er) framework with their new(er) one. With further updates, Apple should include this functionality which should make things easier for me to use in the app
- I will try to add waypoint names and icons to the map in the future - Done
- The app will not maintain the connection if the screen switches off or if you go to another app and then return. For this reason I included the "Keep Screen On" option - just be aware of reduced battery life if the screen stays on all the time
- I have not tried to produce an iPad specific version. I may consider this in the future, but since I do not have a personal iPad, I won't be able to test it on a real device. I'll look into this in the future. The app will run on iPads, but I make no promises for functionality/layout right now
- I may consider making a Mac version for release on the Mac App Store, but first of all I want to know if everything works on the iOS version
- I don't have any plans to make a version for Android. This version is coded in Swift/SwiftUI and unless there is an easy way to port it across, I won't be doing it

- V1.0.0 - Initial Release


The link is up for version 0.1.0

Feedback is appreciated and I hope anyone that tries the app finds it to be useful!



Version 1.0.0 has been uploaded to the App Store (see link above).

I know there are some bugs / issues, but nothing that should prevent the basic functions from functioning  ;)