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B742 - xplane

Started by andrej, Fri, 23 Jul 2021 08:01


Hello all,

Boeing 747-200 for x-Plane entered beta testing and there are some videos already on the YT. Felis developed quite a very good Tu-154M (payware), An-24 (freeware), and Yak-40 (freeware) (see: I believe that all of these add-ons are complex and challenging in their own merit.

From the development forum it seems that the B742 will be worth to own. Once it is available, I will give it a try. If you would like to know more, check out its forum page at as well as this Discord (frankly speaking, I am still trying to figure out these new Discord interwebs...)

I believe that some may find this info useful, if not I will delete this. This is not an advertisement.



And... if the same "modus operandi" applies, it will turn the Tu-154 into freeware anywhere soon after the 742 release :-)


This seems to have potential. I have been wanting a 742 for a long, long time.

Thanks for posting.

Best regards,



Count me in that waiting line as well!! A 747 Classic, can't refuse that!!

Already got my PFPX Flight Planning Updated for the upcoming flights. Now lots and lots of 742 Material to Study...
Alexis Mefano


Looking forward to this, own the developers other planes so it will be quality product.


John H Watson

Amazing. Unfortunately, I've forgotten most of the things I learnt when working on this aircraft 45 years ago  :P


Here's a Great Chance to be reminded of them all :-)

I believe this kind of detailed add-ons are special for those who had the chance of flying the real thing.

For us simple simmers it's also a great source of feedback on how the systems and the feels are done.

I have a question for the 747 drivers 😉

X-Plane's Experimental flight dynamics model has been simulating a pitching down effect due to tail closure to the ground just before landing, causing the local ground effect ( of the tail - horizontal stabilizer / elevators ) to create that pitching moment. Austin says he started simulating this based on some paper and flight tests he had access to for a Boeing 707.

Assuming no brisk power reduction just prior to touch down, which would easily account for the pitching down moment, is this effect realistic in a 747 ? Maybe you still recall those thousands of manual landings and offer your precious comments / observations ... Do you remember having to pull the yoke ?



Nice! As long as PSX doesn't get jealous... :P