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PSX.Navdata.Custom - Git Hub Repo

Started by Gary Oliver, Wed, 28 Apr 2021 10:40

Gary Oliver


I have created an open GitHub Repo

where the community can share their custom source files for Airports or procedures.

The idea is this will contain a selection of shared non copyrighted custom navdata to fill any gaps.  Initially VHHX and some World Flight arrivals spring to mind.

These can then be shared between users when they are creating their own navdata.

This is NOT intended to contain full data sets. 

If anyone else was working on anything more substantial then please let me know as there is no point having multiple sources of data, and I am more than happy to stand back and hand over to any other people or groups.  Likewise if anyone scripts something to take multiples and put into a single file for Step 4 then let me know.


Gary Oliver

The first project the IGS13 at VHHX is available in the repo.

Hardy Heinlin