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Aeromap 0.1.2 - Detailed map for Aerowinx PSX

Started by jdanielnd, Thu, 18 Feb 2021 18:48


Hello JD,

Your add-on is very useful and much appreciated. I have three feature requests, although I know beggars can't really be choosers, as they say. Here they are, in terms of what I imagine to be easiest to hardest.

1. Would it be possible for Aeromap to open at the last window size and zoom setting that the user has selected? It could open at the default window size and zoom if there are issues with positioning or resolution, of course.

2. Could the Aeromap window open at the last screen position the user has selected? Similarly, it could open in the center of the screen if there are boundary issues.

3. Lastly, and I guess the most difficult, would it be possible for the map to show aircraft heading in the UP position as opposed to north being UP? Perhaps a user toggle if some people prefer north to be UP?

I humbly submit these requests knowing full well that you've already been more than generous in providing Aeromap as is, and it's a great addition that I will continue to enjoy using even if no further modifications are ever forthcoming. But I thought it couldn't hurt to ask.


Will /Chicago /USA


Olá JD !!! Hi !

I am late to the party, and just came across this great "map" app that I was just willing to have available specially because it's about all I lack in terms of visuals now in PSX (since in between the last time I had used it it even got PAPIs !!!) - being able to see a detailed airport environment, and with this tool I can do it!