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Aeromap 0.1.2 - Detailed map for Aerowinx PSX

Started by jdanielnd, Thu, 18 Feb 2021 18:48


Hello JD,

Your add-on is very useful and much appreciated. I have three feature requests, although I know beggars can't really be choosers, as they say. Here they are, in terms of what I imagine to be easiest to hardest.

1. Would it be possible for Aeromap to open at the last window size and zoom setting that the user has selected? It could open at the default window size and zoom if there are issues with positioning or resolution, of course.

2. Could the Aeromap window open at the last screen position the user has selected? Similarly, it could open in the center of the screen if there are boundary issues.

3. Lastly, and I guess the most difficult, would it be possible for the map to show aircraft heading in the UP position as opposed to north being UP? Perhaps a user toggle if some people prefer north to be UP?

I humbly submit these requests knowing full well that you've already been more than generous in providing Aeromap as is, and it's a great addition that I will continue to enjoy using even if no further modifications are ever forthcoming. But I thought it couldn't hurt to ask.


Will /Chicago /USA


Olá JD !!! Hi !

I am late to the party, and just came across this great "map" app that I was just willing to have available specially because it's about all I lack in terms of visuals now in PSX (since in between the last time I had used it it even got PAPIs !!!) - being able to see a detailed airport environment, and with this tool I can do it!


Hi JD!

Thanks for this great addition to the PSX's party trick arsenal. It's been a helpful addon for the pas couple of months since I've started using it.
Is it possible to add a satellite view to the map functions?

Mohammadreza Farhadi
Ex-pilot, current aerospace student


Just discovered this and it's brilliant. Thank you.
Greetings from the mountains of Northern Thailand (VTCC),
Chris Stanley.


One more impressed user...@will had already asked my question regarding the North being UP and not the Heading being UP....Nevertheless, this addon has made me even more happier..Thank you
747 is not an airplane, it is a symbol of inspiration....


And another happy user chiming in, I really like your application as it adds to the situational awareness. Thank you for creating this!


JD, I'm new to PSX and love your Aeromaps addon. However, is there a way to make it remember the last entered IP address for those using your addon with a PC that is not running the PSX server as well? I have a setup that is better without keyboards in it and using on screen keyboards works but is problematic for those of us with old eyes!
Many thanks for your work and hope you receive this post.
Cheers J.G.


J.G., you might want to try this:

1. Install Hoppie's PSX Router on the PC running Aeromap.
2. Configure it ( File -> Setup ) to auto-connect to your PSX Server, and to listen on Port 10747

Run PSX-Router alongside Aeromap, and Aeromap will work fine with it's default IP-Setting.



Thanks Joerg, I'll give it a go. So guessing PSX router can be used as a NAT for local host IP's?

Cheers J.G.


Yep, Joerg. That works a treat......thanks very much.



Hello everyone,

It's been almost three years since I released the first public version (v0.1.2) of Aeromap. I was thrilled with the community's reception, but my day job duties limited my ability to provide regular updates.

Better late than never, I'm excited to announce the release of Aeromap v0.3.0. This new version incorporates some of the requests shared in this thread:

- Overhaul: I've completely rewritten Aeromap from the ground up in this version. This major overhaul, driven by the need to replace outdated libraries, lays the groundwork for future updates and enhancements.
- Aircraft Up Orientation: The aircraft icon now consistently points upwards, enhancing the user experience. As the aircraft changes direction, the map dynamically rotates to match, creating a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.
- Back to center: To further improve the user experience, we've added a button that allows you to quickly recenter the map on the aircraft. This is particularly useful to allow you navigate into other areas of the map and then quickly return to the aircraft's position.
- Satellite View: With version 0.3.0, we've expanded our mapping options to include a satellite view. Users can now toggle between the traditional roadmap and a detailed satellite perspective, improving overall situational awareness.
- Window Position and Size Memory: Aeromap now remembers your last window position and size settings, allowing the app to launch with these preferences. This feature saves time and streamlines your workflow.
- Connection Settings Memory: The application now memorizes your connection settings, including the host and port. This enhancement ensures a smoother, more efficient startup by automatically configuring your previous settings.

Thank you claudiond for providing the feedbacks on this new version.

Thank you all for your feedback and feature suggestions. While I can't promise specific deadlines, I am committed to continually improving Aeromap as my schedule permits.


You can download the latest Windows and Mac versions here:

- For Windows: download the Aeromap-Setup-0.3.0.exe file and follow the setup instructions.

- For Mac: download the Aeromap-0.3.0-x64.dmg file and do the usual Mac installation. Just drag the app to the Application folder.

To distribute code-signed apps, it is required to buy expensive certificates which I don't have, so the app is not signed. This means your operational system will notice a warning during installation (Windows) or on the first time you open the app (Mac) telling you it's from an unknown developer.

Instructions to override this warning may vary, but this is what worked for me:

- For Windows: when the warning appears, click on More info, and then on Install anyway.
- For Mac: right click the app, hold option, and click on Open

I hope you enjoy the new version and that it enhances your flying experience!  ;D


What a gift you have given us! Thank you for improving an already great add-on.

As I said years ago, this has radically changed my PSX ground experience.

Best regards,


Pierre Theillere

Hi jdanielnd!

Thanks a lot for your great work: it just works!
Pierre, LFPG


sounds great, thx for sharing!  8)

Best regards


Thanks again for all your efforts. This is really neat.
Will /Chicago /USA


Dear JD,

I wish you a pleasant holiday and thank you for the christmas gift to the community!

Mohammadreza Farhadi
Ex-pilot, current aerospace student


Thank you JD for the great app. All the best!


thank you for your add-on! I would like to compile it for my Linux system but I never did that with typescript code. I installed ts with npm and a couple of modules. Are there specific Parameters that I have to use?

If I tsc -p tsconfig.json I get the error that the ./App module is missing. But I dont know how to compile that.


I am enjoying what Aeromap provides for taxiing especially but I have a couple of questions.

I am sure that I am missing something or have not set something but if I run Aeromap after PSX is running, Aeromap doesn't show the current aircraft position but shows what seems to be its default position which is London City airport!

The only way to make Aeromap reflect the PSX aircraft position is to drag the aircraft.

If I change the aircraft heading whilst not moving the aircraft position again this is not reflected in Aeromap.

I am sure that I am doing something wrong but cannot see it so I would appreciate any thoughts please. I am using the latest Aeromap version.