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Aeromap 0.1.2 - Detailed map for Aerowinx PSX

Started by jdanielnd, Thu, 18 Feb 2021 18:48



My father (claudiond or Cláudio Duarte) has been an enthusiastic Aerowinx pilot since the DOS version, and one thing he always told me he missed was the possibility to burn some fuel by taxying through the airports in a more realistic way, since he doesn't use external scenery.

To fill this gap I have just developed Aeromap, a freeware App that allows you not only to taxi, but also to follow the whole flight through a moving map that uses OpenStreetMap.

In the few tests we have done everything seems in order, and the impact in terms of FPS seems to be virtually zero.

You can download the Windows and Mac versions here:

- For Windows: download the Aeromap-Setup-0.1.2.exe file and follow the setup instructions.

- For Mac: download the Aeromap-0.1.2.dmg file and do the usual Mac installation. Just drag the app to the Application folder.

To distribute code-signed apps, it is required to buy expensive certificates which I don't have, so the app is not signed. This means your operational system will notice a warning during installation (Windows) or on the first time you open the app (Mac) telling you it's from an unknown developer.

Instructions to override this warning may vary, but this is what worked for me:

- For Windows: when the warning appears, click on More info, and then on Install anyway.
- For Mac: right click the app, hold option, and click on Open

We hope this is also helpful for other pilots :)

Feedback is welcome, although the time I have for improving Aeromap is very limited indeed.




More details about the use:

- You need to start a main server in the Network section of the Instructors panel
- You can change the IP address in the Settings button in Aeromap. This is useful if you plan to use Aeromap in a different machine than you're running PSX. The default value is, which is the local address, assuming you're running both on the same machine.

Hardy Heinlin

Hello JD,

thank you very much!

I'll try your app when I have macOS 10.10. (I'm still on 10.9.5.)



Pierre Theillere

Good evening JD!

Thanks a lot for your father's great Aeromap: it just works! I installed and tested it straightforwardly and fully fine on an Intel Mac under Big Sur using an iPad as a secondary display with Luna Display.
Pierre, LFPG

Hessel Oosten



This is absolutely fantastic. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for developing this.

I fly PSX standalone and this program changes everything for me.

If I could put one request for a future update, it would be to have the option to keep the Aeromap window displayed full time unless user intentionally minimizes it by the clickspot on the top right corner (Windows).

Basically, I would like to superimpose a small Aeromap window on top of PSX so I could taxi PSX and action the tiller and other controls while keeping an eye on both windows (PSX and Aeromap), without Aeromap being automatically minimized every time I click on the PSX window.


Best regards,




Installed and works ok (on WIN 10) and here is the 1st request (that most will join): to add an option "always on top".


P.S. and Mariano did it first  :)
Avi Adin



I did it first, but with way too many words! Not a very efficient use of resources.  ;D

I like your style better! :-)

Best regards,



Easy install, works well, PSX performance is excellent with Aeromap running.

Thank you very much for this addition!
Will /Chicago /USA


Easy install and works beautifully - many thanks

Frans Spruit

works excellent,
thank you very much indeed,

Frans Spruit EHAM


Absolutely brilliant- many thanks to you and your father!  Perfect for stand alone sessions.  When opportunity presents, would you please see if it would be possible to send that aircraft location information to instead (or perhaps as a layer)?  If it is easily done, I'd be most obliged.


Carl Avari-Cooper, KTPA


Brilliant! Thanks so much. just using it now flying around Toronto. Makes taxiing a joy. I would agree with other comments that adding ' keep on top' would be nice if possible.




I am enjoying taxing with JD's Aeromap as much as flying. For me, it has greatly improved the overall experience. JD told me that the "always on top" option will be implemented.  This is a feature that makes perfect sense.




Thanks for confirming that the "always on top" feature is coming.

Thank you and your son for this gift.

Best regards,





what a great tool, long awaited.

For the AlwaysOnTop thing: I use a little tiny program called TurboTop. With it you can choose which progam/window should stay on top. Just to let you all know. :-)

The bad: Unfortunately it is just for Windows.


P.S.:Now the only one I miss is a standalone VATSIM client for PSX, there was a rumour month´s ago, I can mistly remember...:-)

Frans Spruit

Hi steff,

Works like a charm, thanks

Frans Spruit EHAM