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Brand New Mac User

Started by rockymtndiver, Sun, 13 Dec 2020 20:35


I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong place but am hoping to get some advice. I just purchased this product on the advice of a check airman I work with. I'm studying for upgrade on the 400 and was specifically looking for a product that would allow me to manipulate the NG FMS prior to getting into the FTD and sim. I purchased and downloaded the files as instructed but the sim won't run on my Mac. I realized after going back through the hardware requirements that Mac OS X is specified. I'm running a more recent OS. Is there a way to get this thing working? Thanks in advance.


Hardy Heinlin

Hello Fred,

thank you for your purchase.

Are you using OSX Catalina?

If you move your Aerowinx folder from the Desktop to the Applications folder, Catalina should allow PSX to start.

When you have moved it, go to the /Applications/Aerowinx/ folder and double-click AerowinxStart.jar in that folder .

Here's another thread on the same subject:

Best wishes,